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I am a spiritual activist, writer and teacher in Minneapolis. I like digging deep to write about how politics, parenting, current events, and more are as much “spiritual centers” as anywhere that goes by this name. In a world divided, I seek to not add to the divisions. Instead, through my writing, I seek unity, compassion, and connection.

I am currently writing my memoir, entitled Skin by Skin: A Soulful Affair, in which I have blended my personal story of transformation with elements of magical realism to make a story that is lighthearted at first touch, but penetrates deep down to the soul.

I Write:


-with curiosity, compassion and creativity.

-where the real world intersects the spiritual world.

-to create dialogue and discussion.

– to challenge and inspire.

-to share laughter at our humanness.

-to be of benefit in this world.

You can join me in Minneapolis for an upcoming event, or read my latest work.

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Jul. 18

Six Ways Mindfulness Increases Consciousness

Consciousness-raising techniques are all the buzz. Mindfullness-raising ones? Not so much. But here are six ways that increased mindfulness automatically raises consciousness–no fancy techniques required.

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Jul. 5

Unleashing the Feminine: A Word about our Words.

The weakening of the archetypal feminine, through our words, will continue on to hurt the feminine in body and mind. That is, unless we stop it.

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Jul. 5

Cultivating a Yin State of Mind

Yin and Yang energies do not just live on acupuncture charts. They are influencing, shaping, and can even be destructive forces in the world and in our minds. As with many things, balance is key.

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Next Meeting: Wednesday July 19, 2017

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC) 4401 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Compassion in Action

Whether you have been doing activism work for your whole life or you are itching to get started, we’d like to invite you to take part in our program called:  Compassion in Action.

Rather than stoking fears or rousing anger, we will focus on what it means to stay grounded in our bodies while working in the world as a Positive Activist, dedicated to working from the core of our being to bring about the changes we wish to see. 

Read more here.





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