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Masculinity for Today: The Descent of Man. {Book Review}

The rise of Donald Drumpf has instigated a plethora of important discussion, debate and determinations on why and how such a thing could’ve happened. (See my own hypothesis here). Hypotheses abound: ignored economic pain, the bubble-burst of insidious racism and …

Patriarchy: Alive and Well in Minnesota

  In early December, I found myself reaching the latter stages of my memoir: Skin by Skin: From Ambition to Compassion. Most of it had been written and rewritten dozens of times over and was ready for others’ eyes on …

What qualifies YOU to be a feminist?

  While not stated quite this bluntly, here’s the question/challenge that appears to be going around within feminist circles these days: What qualifies YOU to be a feminist? Do you:   A)   Wear make-up, choose breast augmentation or any other …



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