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Through the Obstructed View

By Keri | October 11, 2016

2012: Minneapolis, MN “There’s no room for us,” I hissed into my husband’s ear. We each stood with one snowy boot inside and one outside Broders’ Pasta Bar in South Minneapolis on a Friday evening. “We should’ve made reservations.” “They don’t take reservations,” he retorted. We had a split second to decide; winter in Minnesota…

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Patriarchy: Alive and Well in Minnesota

By Keri | January 21, 2016

  In early December, I found myself reaching the latter stages of my memoir: Skin by Skin: From Ambition to Compassion. Most of it had been written and rewritten dozens of times over and was ready for others’ eyes on it. But there were a couple of parts of the book that were incomplete. Not…

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