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Don’t Let this Go: A Call to Change through Action

By Keri | August 5, 2019

Enter the necessary confrontations, dialogues, injustices, and discomforts with all the tools from our spiritual toolboxes: courage, steadiness, resilience, grounding, and most importantly, mindfulness.

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Six Ways Mindfulness Increases Consciousness

By Keri | July 18, 2017

Consciousness-raising techniques are all the buzz. Mindfullness-raising ones? Not so much. But here are six ways that increased mindfulness automatically raises consciousness–no fancy techniques required.

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10 Reasons Why We Should All Mix Spirituality with Politics

By Keri | May 29, 2017

Activism without spirituality is blind, impulsive, and in the moment. Spiritual practitioners not only should, but are well-equipped to fight in the world for love, peace, tolerance, and justice.

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The Problem with Feeling Good

By Keri | January 19, 2016

  The core principle shaping modern day American life is finding ways to feel good. Isn’t this the motivation behind vacations, indulging in decadent food and drink, attending lively events and entertainment? Isn’t feeling good the promised result of finding the right lover, the perfect job, the ideal dress? We are a nation of people nursed…

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