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How to be The Light as the World Grows Increasingly Dark

By Keri | July 14, 2018

As rights and equal opportunities roll back like rugs in a defunct business, our world grows increasingly darker. We must all hold the light of truth, of love, of compassion, as steady as we can every single day.

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10 Reasons Why We Should All Mix Spirituality with Politics

By Keri | May 29, 2017

Activism without spirituality is blind, impulsive, and in the moment. Spiritual practitioners not only should, but are well-equipped to fight in the world for love, peace, tolerance, and justice.

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Masculinity for Today: The Descent of Man. {Book Review}

By Keri | January 10, 2017

The rise of Donald Drumpf has instigated a plethora of important discussion, debate and determinations on why and how such a thing could’ve happened. (See my own hypothesis here). Hypotheses abound: ignored economic pain, the bubble-burst of insidious racism and sexism, immigrants “stealing” jobs, or even just “anyone but her.” But if we are truly…

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