Embodying Soul
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This world is currently in a stage of unwinding and undoing. It's confusing, painful, and difficult. Most of us have or are experiencing these same things in our own lives, too.

Returning to normal life is not only not an option, it's not desirable, either—not for us as individuals, not for the world. After all, it was "normal" that got us here in the first place!

It does us no good to wring our hands and wish for a savior or a hero.

It makes much more sense to remember that the end is never really the end, but rather a new beginning.

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Before we simply try to patch ourselves up, we need to sit in a space of reflection.

How did we get here?

What do we believe?

How is our conditioning—by parents, society, friend groups, or any other influential group—limiting us from our full potential?

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We can emerge from our time in reflection stronger, sharper, wiser & braver. And from there, we can remake the world around us, too.


  • A world that is more equitable, safe, and inclusive.
  • A world in which the only "ism" that exists is "bigotry-ism."
  • A human populace that lives in harmony with nature

This requires of us

  • A willingness to undergo regular transformation—to shed old skins as we continue to grow into ourselves.
  • A commitment to radical imagination and creativity.
  • A hungry curiosity to learn more—about our human history, about each other, about our own potentiality.
  • The courage to question and undo much of our social conditioning, our belief sets, and our understandings of the world.
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This is my vision

I want a flatter world. No, not that kind! The egalatarian kind. To this end, I seek to challenge all paradigms, hierarchies, isms, phobias, and, oh yes, patriarchy.

And so I write

...because even while accepting the world as it sometimes seems—broken, divided, depressing—I am committed to living freely in the world I desire—a world whole, diverse and mysterious.

I collect and connect stories and ideas

What is the opposite of a patriarchal society?

One that tells stories, journeys, and ideas.

We've lost our wisdom to capitalism, our continued growth to an appearance of "stability." Most importantly, we've lost our transformative natures to the status quo.

As author Christopher Ryan says, "When you're going in the wrong direction, progress is the last thing you need."

Come for the Healing

Stay for the alchemical transformation

Dragon Is to Seize Life Itself
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we can't transform if we won't Melt and burn

Many of us change over time—often due to circumstances beyond our control.

But how many of us truly transform, like lead to gold in an alchemical process?

How many of us are ever rebirthed into the world as something or someone completely different? How many of us would dare give ourselves over to the fire of transformation even if we knew that this was where the true power lay?

We don't get to be the deciders of what stays and what goes.

This is exactly why so many people might change but never transform: change is a process over which we maintain some control.

Transformation is about turning ourselves over to the elements and the Universe.

We must ask ourselves...

  • Will we allow ourselves to be ground down from our whole selves—losing beliefs, ideas, identities, concepts of who we are along the way?
  • What might we immerse ourselves in so completely—and hang out in the darkest corners with—so that we merge with it? So that there is no separation between it and us (or them and us, or God and us).
  • Can we give ourselves over to the heat of a transformative fire, letting the “smoke” of our lives—the distractions, the untruths, the attachments—drift away forever?
  • Can we let ourselves go so completely that we won’t even recognize ourselves in our final form?
  • Finally, what would it be like to become an elixir of ourselves? To be our truest, finest essence? And then to give ourselves to ourselves, our families, and our communities?

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