Embodying Soul

Come for the Healing

Stay for the transformation

This is my vision

This world is currently in a stage of unwinding and undoing. It's confusing, painful, and difficult. Most of us have or are experiencing these same things in our own lives, too. Returning to normal life is not only not an option, it's not desirable, either—not for us as individuals, not for the world. After all, it was "normal" that got us here in the first place! It does us no good to wring our hands and wish for a savior or a hero. It makes much more sense to remember that the end is never really the end, but rather a new beginning.

Instead of wishing for things to go back to the way they were, it's time for us to re-imagine the world as we'd like to see it.


  • A world that is more equitable, safe, and inclusive.
  • A world in which the only "ism" that exists is "bigotry-ism."
  • A human populace that lives in harmony with nature

This requires of us

  • A willingness to undergo regular transformation—to shed old skins as we continue to grow into ourselves.
  • A commitment to radical imagination and creativity.
  • A hungry curiosity to learn more—about our human history, about each other, about our own potentiality.
  • The courage to question and undo much of our social conditioning, our belief sets, and our understandings of the world.

Remember this

We did not come here to be a silent witness, a mere bystander, an enabler, or apologist for the ugliest aspects of our society. We are here to move the needle of justice definitively forward, not just watch it hopelessly wobble. In the words of Andrew Harvey, we are here to “transform this whole planet and all of its institutions, all of its arts, all of its sciences, into burning mirrors of love and justice.”

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