I originally came to the spiritual worlds with the goal to transcend my (perceived) weak body and (perceived) difficult mind. Instead, I ended up undergoing a process of naming and embodying my soul.

In my spiritual studies, I learned a lot about yoga philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, and later, Ayurvedic philosophy. I studied dozens of healing techniques, spiritual practices, meditation practices and techniques. I read many of the great spiritual texts.

But today, I find I know less than ever about God, Source, the Universe, or the larger meaning of life and death than I did when I first started.

To my judgmental ego, it looks like I failed in my quest for peace through knowledge. But at a depth that matters more than the ego’s measure of success, I have surrendered to a kind of tranquility in not knowing. I have discovered the deepest source of healing and the most unshakable kind of peace through learning to dialogue and commune with my soul.

My soul speaks truth, my body speaks truth, my emotions speak truth, and while sometimes it’s a bitter and painful truth, there is wisdom, intelligence, compassion and kindness behind their words, in whatever form they come. It is from these places of inner truths I try to write.

Currently, I am in the final stages of preparing my upcoming book Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness, for self-publication with Curiosa Publishing, LLC, currently slated for availability in October 0f 2019.

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As part of my journey to publishing Embodying Soul, I decided to start up my own publishing company. But there is a long-game vision for this publishing company than just my first book. Might you be a part of it? Click to learn more, or follow Curiosa Publishing on Instagram or Twitter.



Mar. 15

Speaking Truth

I originally came to the spiritual worlds with the goal to transcend my weak body and difficult mind. I wanted to find what I coined “The Great Truth.” Instead, I ended up undergoing a process of naming and embodying my …

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Mar. 12

Choosing the Adventure of your Life.

  Second only to the Beverly Cleary books about Ramona and her sister Beezus, the Choose Your Own Adventure books were my favorites growing up. In these books, readers were invited to participate directly in the story of the protagonist. We would …

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Feb. 21

Dear Soul: Forget about Purpose

You are here to explore—to try on human “skins,” (roles) to slip off these skins, to not begrudge these skins once you’ve taken it off. After all, the stories from that skin were so numerous, and could not have been discovered any other way.

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