I am a freelance writer, teacher, and speaker. My writing style and content is informed by my 15-plus years of spiritual study and practice, including yoga and alternative health. My goal in writing is to draw awareness to new ideas, or offer new ways of approaching old ideas. I am interested in joining the conversations that expand consciousness, explore commonalities and tip hierarchies. I live in Minneapolis with my husband and two daughters. 

I am currently in the last stages of completing my memoir, titled Embodying Soul: Choosing to Live with Courage, Creativity and Endless Curiosity.

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Life Mantra: Joy is the FREEDOM to creatively, wholly and consciously engage in the world, unapologetically loving myself and others without waiting for permission, an invitation, a reason, an excuse, a filter, a credential, a holiday, an office space, a title,a classroom or a platform.

I Write:


-to wonder, ponder, question and debate

-to create dialogue and discussion.

-to challenge and inspire.

-to share laughter at our humanness.

-to try to be of benefit in this world.

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Oct. 16

In this environment, Self-Care is its own form of Activism

As much so as marching in the street, activating one’s own passions, truth, strengths and talents in the world is a form of activism.

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Sep. 28

This is Progress Too

By so many measures, it feels like we are going backwards. I’ve even said so myself. But let’s look again.

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Jul. 14

How to be The Light as the World Grows Increasingly Dark

As rights and equal opportunities roll back like rugs in a defunct business, our world grows increasingly darker. We must all hold the light of truth, of love, of compassion, as steady as we can every single day.

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