We all change. Not all of us transform.

And yet, we are built for transformation. Our souls crave it—the opportunity to explore all kinds of different identities in one lifetime!

We are designed to experience many life cycles within this lifetime—many new beginnings that flow out of endings.

And also—a lot of time in that middle, in-between, mucky stage.

Change is the paint slowly chipping away on a door, a dull ache that morphs into a limp, an icicle melting in the springtime. Change is not a conscious effort; it happens whether one is standing still or never stopping at all.

Transformation seeks to make a substance into an entirely new thing — a caterpillar into a butterfly, an herb into an elixir, lead into gold.

My goal is to help you convert whatever is "lead" within you — heavy, valueless, dull — into gold.

My journey

pic 22 of 258In my journey, I have often tried to insist that I remain a certain way—defined by a particular label, role, or growth path.

The universe has always decided differently.

In whatever form my work takes, I aim to encourage readers, seekers, listeners, and clients to dive deeply into their own self. Find out who they really are—underneath the labels and the identities, what I call our "skins".

My background is in yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, and a little bit of a whole bunch of other modalites. They've all shaped me, and they've all taught me more about who I am. Yet, none of them define me in totality, and that's exactly the way I like it!

Society makes room for people to change. But it doesn’t understand or make much room for people like me — people who make a lifestyle out of transformation. 

So, I set out to fill in that gap, and support those of us who see transformation as an interconnected part of the human journey. Whether you're breaking down, going through a crisis, sorting through your beliefs and conditionings, or ready to rebirth a new "you" into the world, there's something here for you.

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