I am a freelance writer, teacher, and speaker. My writing style and content is informed by my 15-plus years of spiritual study and practice, including yoga and alternative health. I’ve been called an “Eloquent Dragon Slayer,” and a “Deep-Thought Translator.” But however my work is perceived, my goal in writing is to draw awareness to new ideas, or offer new ways of approaching old ideas. I live in Minneapolis with my husband and two daughters. 

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Life Mantra: Happiness is the FREEDOM to creatively, wholly and consciously engage in the world, unapologetically loving myself and others without waiting for permission, an invitation, a reason, an excuse, a filter, a credential, a holiday, an office space, a title,a classroom or a platform.

I Write:


-with curiosity, compassion and creativity.

-where the real world intersects the spiritual world.

-to create dialogue and discussion.

-to challenge and inspire.

-to share laughter at our humanness.

-to be of benefit in this world.

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Jan. 31

Freeing the Untapped Soul

“If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don’t mind being completely insane.” April Wheeler, Revolutionary Road For just a few minutes, allow yourself to indulge in a flight of disembodied imagination. Imagine your soul—your essence, …

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Jan. 31

How to be the Person your Idea is Looking For

You might already be familiar with the story Elizabeth Gilbert frequently relates about how she passed on an idea to her friend Ann Patchett through an exchanged kiss. I was lucky enough to get to hear the story firsthand at …

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Jan. 9

2018: My Bitchin’ Soul is Back.

  Shortly after the election of 2016, I had a complete nervous breakdown—a total panic attack. I felt fear for our country, fear for our planet, fear for minority populations and anyone who did not fit the definition of acceptable …

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