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Our Stories

It’s really important to go write right now. It’ doesn’t matter what shape it takes in the end. You have a thought, write it down, save it for yourself. And you can come back to it later. And maybe the only point of that thought was that it comforted you right now. And maybe it’s something more, and it’s not your business right now. Your job is just to be present with what is.

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Who Am I Really: Discussion on Identity + Yoga Nidra


  This podcast is divided into 2 parts—the first 15 minutes are devoted to a discussion on identity. Starting at about the 15 minute mark, I transition into a 30-minute Yoga Nidra —a long, guided meditation through the Koshas—the “sheaths” or “layers” of the body. I wanted to do this episode today, outside of my…

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