The Five Necessary Ingredients to Cultivating Wisdom


We’re not here to rest. We’re here to grow wiser, we’re here to ask ourselves the hard questions. We’re here to look at our dark sides and our shadow sides, and our blind spots. Those are the keys to developing even greater wisdom, and then sharing that with others—not through our words necessarily, but through our very being, through our very presence. This is wisdom. This is the journey and it is motivated from the soul.

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Why NOW is the Best Time to Wake Up

wake up

Waking up is not just about us. It’s not just about an individual. Waking up might be a an individual journey, but the result of our waking in our own lives is a gift to the collective society and it guides the energy for where society moves next. If you would like to actively participate…

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Practicing Mindfulness for Transformation & Self-Understanding


“My mindfulness is largely a practice of curiosity. It’s a practice of wonderment and wondering about this process of being human about the interconnectedness between all of us, and how certain people come into our lives and why they do and how this or that person triggers us. Isn’t that interesting?”

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