Stop Working for The MAN and do This Instead.


We must create a world in which people seek to work not for a business or a person, but for an idea, one that brings them joy and calls them into true partnership. This will inevitably foster better working environments, which will mean thriving and fully creative human beings, which will result in more innovative and groundbreaking businesses, all leading to a more evolved and fulfilled way of life, a better world, a more evolved society.

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Slow & Steady Wins Races, not Racial Equality.


This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. “You know how change happens? You get a little bit, and you hold it. Get a little more, and hold. That’s how gay marriage happened, just a little bit at a time. First it was civil unions, and then it was marriage. It didn’t happen all at…

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Normal is Calling. We must Resist.


We all know “normal” wasn’t working. Normal destroyed wildlife and our ecosystem without a care. Normal made little to no space for diversity in its politics, entertainment, businesses, schools, or neighborhoods. Normal gave people leeway to call a police officer a “bad apple” rather than recognizing that the culture of policing is merely an extension of our society as a whole. Lest we forget, police officers grow up in American schools, patronize American businesses, read American newspapers. There are no individual anomalies, and no amount of picking them out like bad apples will solve the problem.

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The Power of Ignoring Every Belief You’ve Ever Believed – S2 01

The Power of Ignoring Every Belief You've Ever Believed

“What if we begin at the beginning? If begin with “maybe nothing I’ve ever been told is true,” then the possibility is that we can start to deconstruct some of the ladder of belief that we’ve been attached to, We can start freeing ourselves up to explore other places and opportunities and ideas and creativity we can slowly start to return, at least in our mind, to that child, we once were, that has that open curiosity and imagination and wonder about this world.

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