My Path Toward Embodiment and Wholeness

Puzzle pieces

Instead of collecting ideas, I started collecting lost pieces of myself. I am a master collector. I love to put puzzles together by sorting through the colors, shapes, and sizes and finding just the right place for everything. The big picture comes into view. The riddle is solved. The things I collect and organize are…

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An Ayurvedic View of the Emotions

“What is here is elsewhere; what is not here is nowhere.” The Mahabharata Ayurvedic philosophy Of all the wisdom and learning I gained during my years of studying and teaching Ayurveda, the most lasting and influential component was its underlying philosophical statement: each of us is made up of the Five Great Elements (Pancha Mahabhutas):…

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Thoughts on Freedom

When I hear the word “freedom,” an inner bell sounds off inside my heart. I have only recently understood that freedom is my ultimate quest in this lifetime. It means the freedom to be myself, to do what I enjoy, to say “no” and “yes” and “I don’t know” with equal comfort and non-attachment. To…

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