The Eternal Value of Kairos Time

future and past

The Orphan Inside Me Anytime I went out in public with my mom when I was a little girl, I keep a constant close eye on her. It was as if I were the parent, and she the child. If she moved out of my line of sight for a moment, my heart would race,…

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Anger is Passion and Power Turned Inside Out


Getting Out I was 23 years old when I got called to the conference room of the company I worked for in Los Angeles, California. A few days before, I had given my four-week notice. The job wasn’t what they promised when I transferred from Minneapolis a few months before, and I wanted out. Sitting…

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We Don’t Have to “See the Good” in Everyone

black and white photo of woman

Trusting our fellow human beings Today, my morning reading list included an article where a writer expressed her approach to life as one in which she “wanted to see the good in people.” I groaned. I’ve read enough of these articles over the years (always by women, incidentally—I’ve never heard a man say a statement…

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