There is No Such Thing as Wasted Time

A blurry image of a person riding a motorcycle.

If you think about it, our strange beliefs about time — that it can be wasted, saved, lost, spent — never lead to more fulfillment or joy. Rather, our belief in wasted time keeps us from feeling all the feels of being human. It’s a whip that keeps us constantly moving, never stopping to think, feel, or reflect.

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Stop Trying to Find Your Purpose

A woman is posing in the snow with her arms outstretched, finding peace, not purpose

Why would an eternal being, not subject to such human concepts as time and space, suddenly feel pressured by deadlines and burdened with guilt and duty if they don’t figure out their purpose?

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The Tyranny of Personal Growth

A wall of old books displaying personal growth.

The personal growth world pushes us to become more. What happens if we become less? What if we become nothing? What if we liposuction the growth right out of us until we return to our usual size?

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