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My name is Keri Mangis, E-RYT200, CAP.


Above everything else, I am a learner, always curious and seeking to study new things. Over the years, I have studied yoga, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, energy work, aromatherapy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, Shamanism, and more. All of these skills I put into my work as a spiritual guide and transformation consultant.

My Work

I offer workshops and events. Visit my Events page to find out where I'll be next.

★ Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. I am a pioneer at heart, creating and envisioning, and trusting as I go.

★ I am a thought leader and innovator.

★ I am the award-winning, published author of Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness—A Memoir of New Beginnings.

★ I am a freelance writer and speaker, offering talks at places such as Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, the Rosemount Writers’ Fair, and the Minneapolis Mind Body Spirit Expo.

★ I write a monthly column for the Edge Magazine called The Secrets of Transformation.

I have been published in:

✰ The Minneapolis Star Tribune
Spirituality & Health Magazine
✰ Addicted to Success
Elephant Journal (a top 50 writer)
✰ The Good Men Project
✰ The Mindful Word
✰ Many others, including multiple publications on Medium


Certifications and modalities of study

I’ve studied and been certified in many alternative modalities since I first stepped on a yoga mat in 2002.

My certifications/experience in yoga include:

✰ E-RYT200 with the Yoga Alliance

✰ Created a registered school with the Yoga Alliance, training and certifying students

✰ Created and facilitated retreats, workshops, and 200-hour yoga trainings

✰ Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs) with Maryann Parker

✰ Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs) with Tree Spirit Yoga, including chanting, Tantra, yoga nidra, mantra, and meditation

✰ 30 hours Yin Yoga certified with Sarah Powers

✰ Multiple other advanced yoga trainings with Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Judith Laster, Russell Paul, Rod Stryker, Donna Farhi, and others

My certifications in Ayurveda include:

✰ A year-long, intensive, on-site study with Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center to earn a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAP) certificate

✰ 300 hours of study with the American Institute of Vedic Studies to earn a Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant certificate

✰ 300 hours of study with the American Institute of Vedic Studies to earn an Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda Educator certificate

✰ A supervised internship which included identifying, diagnosing, and offering Ayurvedic treatment protocols

✰ Certified Panchakarma Technician Training, learning treatments such as shirodhara, abhyanga, garshana, lepas, and more

I have also been certified in and/or studied the following modalities:

✰Herbal medicine
✰Energy work, including Healing Touch and Reiki
✰Subtle anatomy, including the chakras, koshas, and meridians of the human body
✰Aromatherapy, color-therapy, gem therapy, mantra therapy
✰Tai chi


"There is always something to learn when I come here...[Keri has] taken the time to do the work that most of us are still procrastinating on. The deep dive into one’s self to listen, accept and learn.

~Jodian Marie Thomas, MS, Bsc, Asc


"...It is no surprise to me that she continues to share her personal journey of transformation with others through Ayurveda, yoga, writing, speaking and group facilitation. Keri is not only caring and compassionate, but she also truly wants to make a difference for others. I saw this dedication to improving lives through her thorough research and attention in creating the client plan and in her connection in supporting those clients. Rather than taking things at face value, she delves under the surface to truly understand. Then she brings her voice out from a place of strong integrity and with a mission to empower others on their own journeys."

~ Jamie Durner, Whole Person Practitioner


"Keri's calming, compassionate and knowledgeable approach has been a valuable guide for me. As a yoga and meditation teacher, she truly walks the talk. Keri faces the same challenges we all do in staying grounded in our busy lives and balancing the demands and pleasures of family, relationships and work. She showed me how yoga can not only help manage those elements of our lives, but enrich them by helping us practice to be more present in every moment."

~ Jen Larson Roesler

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