Dark Night of the soul

You did not choose this life for it to be easy. You did not choose this life to escape or get by on habit and routine. You wanted to come here to change, to evolve, to grow, and to learn. And sometimes just because of the nature of life, things get backed up. We’ve been on autopilot for way too long. And so all of this change and all of this transformation that was coming to us is sort of bottle jammed, and we must now move it out. This is sometimes what causes a Dark Night of the Soul as well, when we’ve spent too many years not paying attention, not doing our healing work, not integrating the lessons into our lives.

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In this episode, Dyanne Kelley and I talk about what it takes to keep moving on a journey toward greater truth and authenticity. We agreed that it begins with deciding that we are worth saving. We also discuss the value of women’s stories, the emotional challenges such as guilt and shame, and discuss what it means to ask ourselves the question, Who Am I, Really?

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In this episode, I chat with my friend and founder of Mxe, Heather Corndorf. Here’s just a snippet of what she had to say:

“Heather: Right and that these are all the the core values are, these are internal words at MXE, and it’s our vision. So, on the surface, it looks like we’re, you know, moving around and dancing, laughing which we are, but the whole purpose I see this vision that these people that coming in, they are going to love themselves unconditionally. They’re going to have compassion, respect, and then they’re going to be able to have the same for the people on the street that they don’t know. And their family and friends, and then that’s going to just move like wildfire. So, I think that when we see people fighting, when we see racism, when we see leaders saying and doing things that make your jaw drop there is a little bit of pain, there’s a lot of pain. And I think that a lot of that has to do with the lack of self love.

When you are in pain, you want other people to be in pain. It’s just, it’s contagious. You actually want people to be in more pain than you. And I think the same happens with self love.”

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