The Myth of the Linear Path

a person climbing a ladder depicting a linear path

I’m writing this fresh off a trip to Boston, where I visited my youngest daughter. She is a senior year at Boston University, pursuing astrophysics and mechanical engineering (tell me about it). She is currently in the process of applying to grad schools, and has sadly so far amassed three rejections. The mother in me,…

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Seeking the True Source of Your Motivation

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Think about motivation as the fire that lights up our idea, or the kiln that fires our clay. We need enough fire to sustain us over the long-term, but it has to be a Goldilocks-just-right kind of fire—not too hot, not too cold, not too smoky, not too wet, etc.

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The Limitations of Beliefs and Morals

beliefs moral

Here’s a theory: What if we spent less time arguing on behalf of our beliefs and morals and more time ridding ourselves of them? What if the time we spend seeking validation for our beliefs was instead spent tracing them back to their origins, understanding how they limited us, and then setting them free? What…

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