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Yes, the Culture has Brainwashed Us (and How We Wake Up)

Staying asleep might seem like we are staying safely out of the way, but it’s a passive/aggressive immobility in a culture that needs some fierce rogue agents fighting for change—change is to a healthier, safer, freer society for all of us, not just a few.

Don’t Let this Go: A Call to Change through Action

Enter the necessary confrontations, dialogues, injustices, and discomforts with all the tools from our spiritual toolboxes: courage, steadiness, resilience, grounding, and most importantly, mindfulness.

Embodying Soul Podcast Introduction

A brief podcast about the what & why of the upcoming Embodying Soul podcast!
Welcome to the embodying soul Podcast, where we will draw down wisdom from the soul realm to awaken our unbridled curiosity, inspire radical creativity, and ignite the inner cultural provocateur within all of us. Together, we can expand our consciousness, explore our commonalities, and tip hierarchies. My intention with this podcast is that we may all remember that we are courageous souls, each of us choosing this life for the adventure as well as the lessons and that we came here not to uphold the status quo, but to shape the future into a society in which we are connected more deeply to one another, as well as to our own souls. My name is Keri Mangis. I have been studying and teaching yoga, alternative medicine and self help practices since 2002. My first book entitled embodying soul, a return to wholeness. A Memoir of new beginnings, will be published in the spring of 2020. It is both a memoir and a resource, a reflection and an adventure. To be notified of its release. Please visit my website at www dot Keri mangis.com. and sign up for my newsletter, or find me on Facebook at Keri Mangis writer, thank you for your interest in my work made the disparate parts of ourselves come into wholeness and as they do so May the culture follow our example.



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