Woman Dancing

What happens in our own heart informs the collective heart. What you learn to include about yourself you will find you are able to include from others. “This too, and this, and this,” is the motto of someone learning to embodying their soul—for the soul is afraid of nothing, can hold anything, can understand everything.

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Silence and Solitude

A lot of what this podcast is talking about so far is power as it relates to our place in the world—our courage to stand up for things, our ability to influence, lead and persuade, our strength as we move out into the world with our voice and our sense of personal authority.

But there is another angle to this kind of power that we are trying to awaken. And that’s the power of sovereignty. That power of being in oneself in solitude, in aloneness, and being okay with that. That too, is a kind of power.

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power balance

We’ve defined power (and let others define it) in only masculine terms: the muscled bicep, the loud voice, the gun at the hip, the immovable, blank face. What we’ve missed is the incredible power found in feminine terms: a loving touch, a listening ear, an open heart. This yin power can bring the earth and water elements so desperately needed to tame the fire.

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