Awaken Your Magic: Heal Yourself, Align with Your Values, and Change the Culture.




About Emily’s Book – Damsel No More: The Secret to Slaying Your Anxiety and Loving Again After an Abusive Relationship.


4:45 Healing Through Writing – Gaining Perspective & Forgiveness

7:39 – Why Healing Doesn’t have to be Painful

10:12 – Life Stories as Goldmines

11:08 – Discussing Anxiety vs. PTSD

13:05 Differentiating Anxiety from General Fear

17:15 – How Emotions are Like Candy!

18:38 Emotional Management for Kids and Adults

22:11 – Need to Belong

23:36 – Gaslighting, Narcissism, and Cultural Zit Popping

26:30 – Purpose of Finding your Magic, Especially in Times like ours

27:33 – Working with the Collective Consciousness

29:02 – Live Your Purpose

29:42 – Importance of Telling/Sharing Our Stories (Especially the small ones!)

36:57 – No We Aren’t All Empaths

41:08 – Empaths vs Introverts



Natural intuitive, bestselling author, and metaphysical coach Emily Davis began accessing her spiritual gifts as a child. Over the years all the fear and yuck of modern day life got in the way of that magic and, after leaving an abusive relationship, she set out on a quest to recapture her spirit! Now, Emily specializes in helping people discover their purpose in life through unblocking their intuitive gifts and learning to use them without fear. It is her mission to make magic part of everyday ordinary life. Emily and her family, including her many furry muses, adventure from Lake Tahoe, California where she also co-hosts her metaphysical comedy podcast Perceptionists Anonymous!



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