A first encounter with Keri may reveal a gentle introvert with her nose in a book. Get to know her better and you may see an inquisitive explorer of the internal and external realms, a wholehearted practitioner of compassion or a brave visionary pioneering her own brand of spiritual revolution.

She has studied Yoga, Ayurveda, shamanism, herbology, energy work, aromatherapy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, Christianity and any other spiritual teaching or healing modality that’s ever caught her fiery gaze. And while each has provided many gifts, she no longer defines herself by any of them.

They are all merely skins that she wears. 

Now, her greatest desire is to live each day in constant communication with the universe and her own soul while remaining grounded in the bones and blood of real world living and mortgage paying.

In other words, Keri is a woman seeking to embody not skins, but her soul – to live and love on this Earth as her soul.

From here, she believes anything is possible.

As she grew up, Keri grew fearful that if she let herself be fully seen, she would be rejected and labelled an “outsider:” quirky, weird, over-sensitive, not enough. Paradoxically, she craved validation from and influence in the same world. Trapped between fear and desire, she tried obeying society’s rules and wrapping herself inside pre-approved “skins” with the hope to someday reach success and its promised partner happiness. Her body struggled to keep up.

After years of adhering to formulas and positive affirmation posters and farther than ever from the happiness she thought she was promised, she sought relief, even escape, inside the spiritual teachings of Yoga. She tackled her spiritual growth with the same tenacity and grasping that she had unsuccessfully employed in the outer world.

Determination and ambition gave way to desperation and helplessness when her body delivered chronic burning, itchy hives. She yielded to a poignant truth: spiritual practice alone wasn’t gifting her with the promised bliss and nirvana any more than the physical world had handed her success and gratification.

It was then that she made a conscious choice to turn towards her body, and then, curiously, reluctantly, gratefully, her Soul. What she heard stopped time and her heart:

Live as ME, fully love as ME, give your gifts as ME. We do this thing together

Through the body.
In the world.

Grounded back in the world and grateful to dialogue regularly with her body and soul, Keri seeks to experience, greet and understand the world through the eyes of her soul whose capacity to hold, bear, and heal astounds her. This loving and game-changing relationship with her soul sparked her greatest spiritual realization yet; one that she did not find in a book:

Happiness is the FREEDOM to creatively, wholly and consciously engage in the world, unapologetically loving myself and others without waiting for permission, an
invitation, a reason, an excuse, a filter, a credential, a holiday, an office space, a title,
a classroom or a platform. There is no greater spiritual or life practice than living from
a place of open, undiluted and no-strings-attached love.

Keri is currently writing her first book, a memoir entitled Skin by Skin: A Soulful Affair.

Stay in touch with Keri and follow her progress so you can be the first to hear news of her book and until then, make sure to follow her Blog and find her on Facebook.

Keri is a registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance (YA) and a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAP) as well as a member of the National Association of Ayurvedic Medicine

(NAMA). She has studied and taught yoga for over 10 years, building and operating a yoga business -Trinity Yoga – which she turned over in 2012. She also opened and ran an
Ayurvedic consultation and bodywork private practice, Elements Ayurveda, for two years in Minneapolis, ending in 2014.

She has studied Yoga, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic bodywork, Ayurvedic pulse/tongue diagnosis shamanism, herbology, bodywork,chakra healing, human anatomy, tarot, crystals, energy work, color therapy, gem therapy, mantra therapy, aromatherapy, yoga nidra, healing touch, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, Christianity and any other spiritual teaching or healing modality that’s ever caught her fiery gaze. And while each has provided many gifts, she no longer defines herself by any of them.