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The Benefits of Not Fitting In
Desperate to Belong As a little girl, maybe seven years old, I remember waiting in the car for my mom to return from the grocery store. She was just “popping in to get a few things,” but time seemed to drag on and on. My imagination took over in the black hole of uncertainty: maybe she’ll…
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The Privilege of Saying We “Don’t Need Anybody.”

Please Don’t Need Me “I need to see you!” the text from a friend read. I almost dropped my phone, like I’d burned my hand. I get triggered when people say they need me. I twitch when someone gets too...

Our Wounds are Goldmines

Physical wounds While biking with my husband last summer, I hit a pothole on a downhill and fell, head-over-handlebars, onto the pavement. The bike landed on my back. Yes, I was wearing a helmet. And, somehow, in mid-air, I knew...

My Path Toward Embodiment and Wholeness

Instead of collecting ideas, I started collecting lost pieces of myself. I am a master collector. I love to put puzzles together by sorting through the colors, shapes, and sizes and finding just the right place for everything. The big...

We Did Not Come Here to be Agreeable

Forget everything you’ve ever been told or come to believe about how and why humans are here. Not just here on this planet, but in this body, and at this particular point in time. For just a few moments, forget...

Thoughts on Freedom

When I hear the word “freedom,” an inner bell sounds off inside my heart. I have only recently understood that freedom is my ultimate quest in this lifetime. It means the freedom to be myself, to do what I enjoy,...
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What Anger Taught Me About Suffering

And how this knowledge led to joy A broken relationship Years ago, I started conversing with my emotions. I’d sometimes talked about my emotions, but it never occurred to me to converse directly with them. I’d never tried to understand...
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Not Who I Was — Not Yet Who I Will Be

Lessons on transformation from alchemy, myth, and the butterfly Six months ago, I asked the Universe to put me in the crucible for transformation. It did so. I made this request because I sensed the ending of a life cycle....
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Four “Truths” We Believe in Without Even Knowing We Do

How to recognize and free ourselves from cultural conditioning Cultural conditioning From the time we are children, we build a collection of “truths” about the world. We don’t know that they are actually true; we haven’t studied them in-depth, nor...
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Why Enlightenment is Not my Path

When I first started studying yoga and spirituality, I hoped it would set me free from depression. My journey with depression began with a trip to the bookstore, where I walked out empty-handed after browsing for over an hour. I...

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