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What Ayurveda Can Teach Us About Our Emotions
  Image by Gloria Williams from Pixabay Most of us have difficulty accepting our emotions, especially the uncomfortable or embarrassing ones like anger or envy. Our reaction to feeling these emotions rise up is often to bury them, reject them, or quickly try to reframe them. But emotions are the greatest truth-tellers our body has and…
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Writers: Honor the Passion of Your Original Idea

“Let inspiration lead you wherever it wants. For most of history people just made things, and they didn’t make such a big freaking deal out of it.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert Hedging, equivocating, and buffering While peer-editing an article for a friend...

Parenting isn’t an Instinct; it’s a Muscle You Develop Over Tiny Moments in Time

  Photo by Manuel Schinner on Unsplash Colicky Beginnings As a new parent, I often worried that I didn’t “click” effortlessly into the role of mother. I didn’t feel an instinct or a parenting intuition awaken within me moments after...
"Civilized" is Just a Fancy Word for Quieted Down and Emotionally Suppressed

“Civilized” is Just a Fancy Word for Quieted Down and Emotionally Suppressed

I can feel her, the Wild Woman, coming more and more alive within me with each passing day. She is not a part of me as much as I am a part of her. She epitomizes collective female grief that...
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The Eternal Value of Kairos Time

The Orphan Inside Me Anytime I went out in public with my mom when I was a little girl, I keep a constant close eye on her. It was as if I were the parent, and she the child. If...

Anger is Passion and Power Turned Inside Out

Getting Out I was 23 years old when I got called to the conference room of the company I worked for in Los Angeles, California. A few days before, I had given my four-week notice. The job wasn’t what they...

We Don’t Have to “See the Good” in Everyone

Trusting our fellow human beings Today, my morning reading list included an article where a writer expressed her approach to life as one in which she “wanted to see the good in people.” I groaned. I’ve read enough of these...
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The Color Wheel of our Emotions

Power of invisibility “Oh, you were there last night? I didn’t even see you!” Oh, how many times have I heard some variation of this in my life. Whether it's a party, a meeting, a class—I seem to blend into...
Our Dark Night of the Soul

Entering Our Dark Night of the Soul

Burning Signs I sat across from my client in my cozy office where I was offering Ayurveda consultations and bodywork. I was probably talking to my client about the importance of self-care and offering tips on everything from diet to...
The Half Boy

The Half-Boy

Here is an ancient story from Bornea about moving into wholeness, entitled “The Half Boy.” A long, long time ago, and yet not so very long ago at all, a woman gave birth to a boy. This boy was not...

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