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A Return to Wholeness

“Embodying Soul, a new release by spiritual radical Keri Mangis, portrays close-up the benefits of seeking wholeness over curating an identity or playing a role in life. In this humorous and insightful foray into her own invented trajectories for success, Keri becomes increasingly plagued by anxiety, bouts of hives, and feelings of detachment and instability. In time—aided by her soul friend, Rasa; her soul animal, a silver-eyed wolf named Endless Curiosity; and distinctive characters that personify her emotions—she learns to fully inhabit her skin, both physically and metaphorically, without attachment or aversion. Here soul is more than a literary cliché; it is a rich source of wisdom and guidance. And the indelible takeaway is: Life’s all about embodying the soul rather than trying to transcend the body, get enlightened, or otherwise bypass the return to wholeness.”

- Ellen Kleiner, Blessingway Author Services 

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  • You’ve always sensed that there’s more to this world, and this lifetime, than meets the eye. Now, you're ready to explore this "something more."
  • You've often been called over-sensitive, and yet hardening yourself to the world is not an option.
  • You consider yourself a seeker of truth, and hunger for knowledge and ideas
  • The meaning and purpose you’ve longed to find inside roles, identities, jobs, or relationships remains elusive, and you’re seeking something deeper and more sustainable.
  • There’s a voice and energy inside you wanting to burst forth, but you’re not sure if it’s safe (PS – it’s not, but we need to do it anyway!)
  • You often find yourself having to “stuff” your emotions. You’ve been told, or come to believe, that emotions cannot be trusted, yet you wonder if perhaps they are wiser, and more important, than we allow for.
  • You’ve often felt as if you had to “earn” your place in this world through accomplishments and status, and yet the constant race for belonging and acceptance has taking its toll on your health and well-being.
  • You’re ready to step into your own authority and power—after too many years of giving this power over to other people.
  • You're ready to live this life as your soul always longed to—with adventure, wonder, connection, and passionate engagement.


  • You will seize the opportunity to heal your relationship with your emotions—even come into an ally-ship with them.
  • You will perhaps get a glimpse (or more!) of your own soul animal—the companion that represents the most integral part of what makes you you, and what must be given great care and attention.
  • You will find greater trust in your own voice and convictions, and feel ready to speak them and live them.
  • Your courage, strength, boldness, curiosity and freedom will be replenished and renewed to use however you wish.
  • You may no longer feel the need to chase after temporary happiness, in any form, or an any human skin, for you will have connected with a more sustainable inner joy.

You will see your own life



“In this engaging, insightful memoir, Keri Mangis shares her deep wisdom about the journeys we embark on with each human incarnation, and the soul purpose behind all we experience in our ‘skins,’ or bodies. Through her highly relatable heroine Sëri, in collaboration with Sëri’s soul friend Rasa, Keri unfolds one woman’s tale of discovering the Great Truth of our lives and the loving purpose for all that we undergo on earth. Ultimately, she shows us how to discover joy. For readers seeking inspirational knowledge about their higher purpose, their soul guides, and the lessons of every life, Embodying Soul is a marvelous, heart-opening excursion.”

—Christine Warren, Teacher and author of Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings

New stories are coming through to heal our collective imagination. Keri Mangis’s Embodying Soul belongs to this emergent art form. Through the lens of her own life story, told with vulnerability, humor, and grace, Mangis invites us into a world where the rich inner landscape of the psyche is always speaking, always full of gifts for us. We receive these gifts—of curiosity unleashed, self-mothering, inner re-wilding—and are set free of the old limits on our imaginations. Be ready, dear reader: adventuring into this book may change you. You may become more aware of the inner conversation between your emotions or begin listening for the voice of your soul, or simply forgive yourself for the times you haven’t listened. And you may remember another gleaming facet of who you came here to be.

—Opal C McCarthy, Author of the poetry collection SURGE

“Keri Mangis has written a book to be savored over a cup of herbal tea; shared with friends; and, once completed, kept nearby for further reference. Part autobiography, part self-help, part soul-realm imagination, it is a flowing stream of gathering awareness revealing a story many of us can relate to. Each of the major emotions becomes a companion along the way, not just an affliction to be ignored, shoved aside, or belittled. And Mangis’s inventive, engaging style promises humor, depth, drama, comedy, humility, and profound humanity. This is an excellent book.

—Ronald E. Moor, Healer, teacher, and spiritual guide

Embodying Soul, a courageous piece of work, speaks to the beauty and pain of the human condition. Keri Mangis captivates the reader with her vulnerability, creativity, and insight, inspiring us to explore the true depth of our souls to better understand ourselves and one another. This book is sure to infuse more purpose and meaning into your life.”

—Julie Burton, Author of The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother’s Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being and founder of ModernWell

“From separation of self to the reclamation of soul, this book is a fascinating sojourn into one woman’s life process. Courageously shared, her journey will inspire the reader’s own soul awareness.”

—Carol J. Murto, Author of Soul Awareness: A Spiritual Awakening to Self-Knowledge and Healing