Coming Soon! Embodying Soul: Choosing to Live with Courage, Creativity, and Endless Curiosity


Embodying Soul: Choosing to Live with Courage, Creativity and Endless Curiosity merges the acute honesty and intimacy of one woman’s search for identity and purpose with the wisdom available from the soul. This story-telling technique creates an experience for the reader that is relatable and relevant while also profoundly mystical.


Serene Voyager, also known as Sëri, is a disembodied soul. Her story opens Before the Beginning, in the Soul Realm, where she soon remembers who she is, and that she is once again returning to the Earth Realm to continue her quest for the Great Truth. While she packs and reflects, she reacquaints herself with her unruly emotional companions, her soul mate, Rasa and her soul animal, Endless Curiosity.

Sëri’s soon-to-be Earth Realm partner, Keri, is a sensitive yet passionate introvert. Born in Fargo, North Dakota, she moves away to begin what she believes will be a one-way path to success. But, heeding the advice of Fear and Guilt, her two earliest emotions, she begins trading her self-worth for safety, her personal power for approval, and her intuition for false promises.

Through paralleling and occasionally overlapping stories, Sëri and Keri both learn needed lessons about what it means—and the courage it takes—for a human to speak and live the truth of their soul.