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A determined truth-seeker craving success and belonging instead finds her feminine soul, leading to greater self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life and death.


Serene Voyager, known as Sëri in the Soul Realm, reflects on and reassesses her eternal journey before embarking on her next lifetime in the Earth Realm. For aid and companionship, she has her soul friend, Rasa; her soul animal, a silver-eyed wolf named Endless Curiosity; and the distinctive characters that personify her emotions. Meanwhile, in the Earth Realm, Keri moves away from her birthplace of North Dakota and, heeding the advice of Fear and Guilt, trades her self-worth for safety, her personal power for approval, and her intuition for false promises. But when her chosen roles—businesswoman, wife, mother, and yoga teacher—bring a crisis of identity and increasing struggles with her physical and mental health rather than acceptance and success, she forges a relationship with her soul Sëri that gives her a broader perspective about what is truly important in her personal life, as well as a greater sense of connection to the spiritual realm.

Through paralleling and occasionally overlapping stories, Sëri helps Keri discover that a conscious, fulfilling life is not dependent on success, access, or permission, but unfolds through the intelligence, power and wisdom of human skin.