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What Ayurveda Can Teach Us About Our Emotions
  Image by Gloria Williams from Pixabay Most of us have difficulty accepting our emotions, especially the uncomfortable or embarrassing ones like anger or envy. Our reaction to feeling these emotions rise up is often to bury them, reject them, or quickly try to reframe them. But emotions are the greatest truth-tellers our body has and…
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How to Balance Truth with Kindness

How to Balance Truth with Kindness

When I used to teach yoga, I loved teaching the inherent conflict between the Yamas (principles) known as Sattva (truth) and Ahimsa (non-harming/kindness). I often did so by sharing the following story: A meditator was sitting in the forest when a deer ran by....
Cycle of our Creations

Accepting the Life Cycle of our Creations

“You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to not doing your duty.” The...

How to Move Into Wisdom Like a Crone

My favorite symbol is the triquetra, pictured above. It is a symbol that represents the “trinity”, for example: birth, death, rebirth creation, manifestation, destruction past, present, future Or, the triquetra can represent my personal favorite trinity: the Triple Goddess. The Triple...

In Our Fast-Changing World, a False Sense of Security Is the Only Kind There Is

The second half of the title of this post—“A false sense of security is the only kind there is,”—is a quote by storyteller and teacher Michael Meade, who himself attributes it to an old Irish poem. Whatever its roots, when...
Why Impulsivity is Sacred

Why Impulsivity is Sacred

I never create a word for the year, I rarely set New Year’s resolutions, either. Rather than resolutions, I try to live my life by Sankalpa, a Sanskrit word that means intention. The difference to me is an energetic one:...
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When Friendships Die and it’s Nobody’s Fault

This is our coffee shop. It’s where we always meet. It’s Friday. It’s the day we always meet. Normally, we spend hours here, sipping our coffees, laughing and telling bad jokes like teenagers, trying out new thoughts on each other...
Follow Your Heart, Not the Herd

Follow Your Heart, Not the Herd

The Lost Seeker A seeker, filled with passion and excitement, decides to leave home to travel to unknown places; to go straight into the hidden depths of the human heart; to dive right into the stillness and the silence where...
Traveling is a Muscle, and I'm out of Shape

Traveling is a Muscle, and I’m out of Shape

My husband and I recently returned from celebrating our wedding anniversary in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We chose Cabo because it's where we honeymooned and visited several times after. It's relatively easy to get to and navigate around, the people...
The Adventure Of A (Human) Lifetime

The Adventure Of A (Human) Lifetime

Are we human beings having a spiritual experience, or are spiritual beings having a human experience?   Sitting in an auditorium for a 2014 event focused on women’s empowerment, the woman who had just finished her speech announced, “Before you...

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