There's nothing that presses up against the
STATUS QUO quite like a NEW IDEA.

- Excerpt from Episode 1

Smiling Woman

"No one would ever criticize a rose for blooming in the sunshine. And we should not criticize ourselves for doing the same as we grow."

- Excerpt from Episode 5

"When used appropriately, anger can create a fire that brings light and illumination into the world."

- Excerpt from Episode 3

"Forgiveness does not mean accepting or advocating for the actions of others or allowing them to happen again. Forgiveness simply means releasing that person’s hold on you, that space that they’re taking up inside you."

- Excerpt from Episode 5

Sometimes I invite guests on this show; other times, it's a one-woman gig.  Either way, take a listen, and if you like what you hear, please consider subscribing!

The Power of Ignoring Every Belief You’ve Ever Believed – S2 01
"What if we begin at the beginning? If begin with "maybe nothing I've ever been told is true," then the possibility is that we can start to deconstruct some of the ladder of belief that we've been attached to, We can start freeing ourselves up to explore other places and opportunities and ideas and creativity we can slowly start to return, at least in our mind, to that child, we once were, that has that open curiosity and imagination and wonder about this world.
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challenge belief

Seeking Cultural Change Through Individual Change

change 1:31 Cultural Tipping Point: I think it's plain to see that we are at a crossroads, culturally, and that there is an opportunity here for us to shift and change into a higher consciousness. "We...

The Five Necessary Ingredients to Cultivating Wisdom

  wisdom .51: Intro - Defining the difference between collecting beliefs and cultivating wisdom. It's just a belief it hasn't penetrated down to the soul. For a belief to make the transition from Belief to Great...
wake up

Why NOW is the Best Time to Wake Up

wake up Waking up is not just about us. It's not just about an individual. Waking up might be a an individual journey, but the result of our waking in our own lives is a gift...

Practicing Mindfulness for Transformation & Self-Understanding

mindfulness   Opening Introduction on Mindfulness: "During this Coronavirus pandemic, we are going through a very special kind of alchemy, where, for the first time in a long time, people are talking again about what their...
power of discomfort

The Power of Discomfort: Lowering Resistance to Transformation

power of discomfort   Introduction: How are we Meeting/Resisting the discomfort brought on by the changes in our lives? "From a spiritual perspective, there is huge power in discomfort. And when I use the word discomfort,...
We Won't Break: Building Emotional Resiliency & Equanimity

We Won’t Break: Building Emotional Resiliency & Equanimity

Introduction: .10: This episode concentrates on emotional health, on maintaining and building emotional resiliency and equanimity. We're not going to move to the emotional equanimity until we first address and honor the emotions that are arising and chances are if...

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