There's nothing that presses up against the
STATUS QUO quite like a NEW IDEA.

- Excerpt from Episode 1

Smiling Woman

"No one would ever criticize a rose for blooming in the sunshine. And we should not criticize ourselves for doing the same as we grow."

- Excerpt from Episode 5

"When used appropriately, anger can create a fire that brings light and illumination into the world."

- Excerpt from Episode 3

"Forgiveness does not mean accepting or advocating for the actions of others or allowing them to happen again. Forgiveness simply means releasing that person’s hold on you, that space that they’re taking up inside you."

- Excerpt from Episode 5

Sometimes I invite guests on this show; other times, it's a one-woman gig.  Either way, take a listen, and if you like what you hear, please consider subscribing!

Our Stories: Find the Healing; Share the Value
It's really important to go write right now. It' doesn't matter what shape it takes in the end. You have a thought, write it down, save it for yourself. And you can come back to it later. And maybe the only point of that thought was that it comforted you right now. And maybe it's something more, and it's not your business right now. Your job is just to be present with what is.
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Our Stories

The Power of Intuition: Family, Friends, Food & Work – 08

intuition   In this first episode of 2020, I chat with Jody Vallee Smith about the power and responsibility of intuition. Keri: Today I wanted to talk about like how we make it through our days...
Silence and Solitude

Regenerating Power Through Silence and Solitude – 07

Silence and Solitude 1:00 "Noise is never just about sound. It is inseparable from issues of power and powerlessness. It is a violation we can't control and to which, because of our anatomy, we cannot close...
Power of Reflection

The Power of Reflection and Hindsight – 06

Power of Reflection :40 The greatest piece of advice often handed down by elder generations is about the power of reflection. They're referring, of course, to the power of hindsight. With the power of hindsight, we...
Growing Power

Growing Power Through Ownership and Healing-Ep 05

Growing Power Growing power is a process of deepening our knowledge of ourselves, this world, and our place in it. I think about growing our own power as something that we tend to something that we...
removing the obstacles

Removing the Obstacles to our Personal Power-Ep 04

Removing the Obstacles   "Because silence is not only dangerous, it is corrosive. When we refuse to name our obstacles, we can never find a way around them. Worse, we accept their inevitability, believing we deserve...

Anger’s Fire: How to Receive and Digest the Message-Ep 03

  Anger's Fire "Anyone can become angry, that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the...

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