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There's nothing that presses up against the
STATUS QUO quite like a NEW IDEA.

- Excerpt from Episode 1


Love this podcast so much! Very inspiring and informative. Makes me feel better about myself. Definitely worth a listen and subscribe!

- KLovesJ&D

I'm impressed with the insightfulness of this podcast. This is an unsettled time with so much suffering and sorrow. Keri's comment about the relationship of humility to wisdom really got me thinking. Those are the best kinds of pods - the ones that leave you thinking.

- Thanks and still thinking

The [Identity and Yoga Nidra] episode is one of the best I've ever done, allowing me to access much more than sleep or relaxation. I actually came back to my day with renewed energy and clarity of purpose. Thank you!

- Kristin Nilsen

Sometimes I invite guests on this show; other times, it's a one-woman gig.  Either way, take a listen, and if you like what you hear, please consider subscribing!

The Power of Liminal Spaces
Transformation is when we let go of that molded thing we become completely. We melt ourselves down. We become potential.
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Liminal spaces
We Won't Break: Building Emotional Resiliency & Equanimity

We Won’t Break: Building Emotional Resiliency & Equanimity

Introduction: .10: This episode concentrates on emotional health, on maintaining and building emotional resiliency and equanimity. We're not going to move to the emotional equanimity until we first address and honor the emotions that are arising and chances...
Who Am I Really Discussion on Identity

Who Am I Really: Discussion on Identity + Yoga Nidra

This podcast is divided into 2 parts—the first 15 minutes are devoted to a discussion on identity. Starting at about the 15 minute mark, I transition into a 30-minute Yoga Nidra —a long, guided meditation through the Koshas—the...
Awaken Your Magic

Awaken Your Magic: Heal Yourself, Align with Your Values, and Change the Culture.

  Introduction 2:08 About Emily's Book - Damsel No More: The Secret to Slaying Your Anxiety and Loving Again After an Abusive Relationship.   4:45 Healing Through Writing - Gaining Perspective & Forgiveness 7:39 - Why Healing Doesn't...
The Power of Living & Sharing Truth

The Power of Living & Sharing Truth

Truth   1:44 Keri: Okay, hello, and welcome, everybody. Today I have with me, Matt Welsh, the founder of Spiritual Media Blog, and thank you so much for being here today. Matt: Oh, thank...
Our Stories: Find the Healing; Share the Value

Our Stories: Find the Healing; Share the Value

Our Stories   In this episode, I chat with Amy Hallberg about the stories we live individually and collectively, and the importance of sharing them. We share this in the context of our own...
The power of intuition

The Power of Intuition: Family, Friends, Food & Work

intuition   In this first episode of 2020, I chat with Jody Vallee Smith about the power and responsibility of intuition. Keri: Today I wanted to talk about like how we make it through...

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