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There's nothing that presses up against the
STATUS QUO quite like a NEW IDEA.

- Excerpt from Episode 1


Love this podcast so much! Very inspiring and informative. Makes me feel better about myself. Definitely worth a listen and subscribe!

- KLovesJ&D

I'm impressed with the insightfulness of this podcast. This is an unsettled time with so much suffering and sorrow. Keri's comment about the relationship of humility to wisdom really got me thinking. Those are the best kinds of pods - the ones that leave you thinking.

- Thanks and still thinking

The [Identity and Yoga Nidra] episode is one of the best I've ever done, allowing me to access much more than sleep or relaxation. I actually came back to my day with renewed energy and clarity of purpose. Thank you!

- Kristin Nilsen

Sometimes I invite guests on this show; other times, it's a one-woman gig.  Either way, take a listen, and if you like what you hear, please consider subscribing!

The Power of Liminal Spaces
Transformation is when we let go of that molded thing we become completely. We melt ourselves down. We become potential.
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Liminal spaces
Honesty Authenticity and the Willingness to Keep Going

Honesty, Authenticity & the Willingness to Keep Going

2:14 INTRODUCTION Keri: Hey, everybody, and welcome to the awaken your power podcast. I'm here today with Diane Kelly, thank you so much for joining us today. Dyanne: Oh, thank you, Keri for having me. Keri: Yes. I'm...
Finding Strength in Self-Love & Sovereignty

Finding Strength in Self-Love & Sovereignty

INTRODUCTION STRENGTH 2:00 Keri: So excited to have you you are Heather, I just have to say when I first met you, you are like just this super bright light in the world. And I just feel like...

Regenerating Power Through Silence and Solitude

Silence and Solitude 1:00 "Noise is never just about sound. It is inseparable from issues of power and powerlessness. It is a violation we can't control and to which, because of our anatomy, we...

The Power of Reflection and Hindsight

Power of Reflection :40 The greatest piece of advice often handed down by elder generations is about the power of reflection. They're referring, of course, to the power of hindsight. With the power of...
Growing Power Through Ownership and Healing

Growing Power Through Ownership and Healing

Growing Power Growing power is a process of deepening our knowledge of ourselves, this world, and our place in it. I think about growing our own power as something that we tend to something...

Removing the Obstacles to our Personal Power

Removing the Obstacles   "Because silence is not only dangerous, it is corrosive. When we refuse to name our obstacles, we can never find a way around them. Worse, we accept their inevitability, believing...

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