There's nothing that presses up against the
STATUS QUO quite like a NEW IDEA.

- Excerpt from Episode 1

Smiling Woman

"No one would ever criticize a rose for blooming in the sunshine. And we should not criticize ourselves for doing the same as we grow."

- Excerpt from Episode 5

"When used appropriately, anger can create a fire that brings light and illumination into the world."

- Excerpt from Episode 3

"Forgiveness does not mean accepting or advocating for the actions of others or allowing them to happen again. Forgiveness simply means releasing that person’s hold on you, that space that they’re taking up inside you."

- Excerpt from Episode 5

Sometimes I invite guests on this show; other times, it's a one-woman gig.  Either way, take a listen, and if you like what you hear, please consider subscribing!

Our Stories: Find the Healing; Share the Value
It's really important to go write right now. It' doesn't matter what shape it takes in the end. You have a thought, write it down, save it for yourself. And you can come back to it later. And maybe the only point of that thought was that it comforted you right now. And maybe it's something more, and it's not your business right now. Your job is just to be present with what is.
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Our Stories
AYP02 copy2

How to Slip the Grip of Reputation-Ep 02

  What we're doing when we're working on building up our reputation and focusing on the labels, and the status, and the things that we get to call ourselves is we are trying to gain power in the world. There's...
Status Quo

Resisting the Pull and Power of the Status Quo-Ep 01

Resisting the Pull and Power of the Status Quo   The status quo is a force of power that keeps a society stuck. But, to best challenge the societal status quo, we must first challenge our...
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Awaken your Power Podcast Preview

We did not come into this body to be quiet or safe. We did not choose to be alive in this time and place to be sidelined, victimized, or used. We did not choose to call this endangered planet home...

awaken your power.