The Cost of Unknowing

We all know Who We Are when we’re born.

We know we here at this time and place for a reason, we know we are eternal beings making a temporary pit stop, we know there is as much journey behind us as there is ahead of us and that time is not in fact shrinking but is expanding.

Many of us even know Who We Are as we embark upon our childhood, and some lucky few even into adolescence, which is reflected in our knowing what we love, who we love, and what we have to say and acting on those truths.

And then comes the slow, painful forgetting imposed upon us by societal norms. One could argue that this forgetting is for our own good, since this world is a difficult place to live in AND be committed to one’s truth at the same time. One could suggest that this “unknowing” allows us to fit in better, and “go along to get along” when necessary. One might even go so far as to say that successful societies are built upon human beings that won’t dig too deeply past the surface of what they’ve been told, or what they think they know or want.

But the cost of unknowing is much higher than its perceived (and imaginary) benefits. The cost of unknowing is not a forced rejection of our truest longings and passions, though this will occur. The cost of unknowing is not a life of relinquished creativity, curiosity and personal power, though of course these things must be turned over for our believed sense of safety and belonging.

The cost of unknowing is the loss of an intimate, loving relationship with our very souls, a price that just gets higher and a bargain that just gets more Faustian as each day passes with little more than a mask of a smile on our way to live the rest of the days of our life in relative mediocracy.

But beware of this truth as well: once you have recommitted to your soul consciously, once you choose to remember Who You Are underneath the masks and the titles and the roles and the labels, you cannot unknow it ever again. Ever. The soul will only allow for that unknowing of itself once in a lifetime, and that is all. Who We Are

Still, I say, do it! I can’t think of a time when we need more soul awakenings and true courageous beings walking this earth. Get to know yourself, and your soul, intimately. Go deeper than your wants and needs, which are human and transient and do not even scratch of the surface of Who You Are.

Seek. Get down to the heart of the matter: Who Are You and Why Are You Here? You may never find the final answer, nor are you intended to, but the searching itself will provide a lifetime of curiosity and joy.

And now that you have read this, I promise, you cannot unread it.

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