The Five Necessary Ingredients to Cultivating Wisdom



.51: Intro – Defining the difference between collecting beliefs and cultivating wisdom.

It’s just a belief it hasn’t penetrated down to the soul. For a belief to make the transition from Belief to Great Truth or to wisdom, it must have been tested, it must have been tried out, it must have been experimented with over and over again. This experimentation and embodiment is the difference between belief and wisdom.

6:28 1st ingredient to cultivating wisdom – Humility

We have to have the humility to understand that beliefs are not necessarily truths no matter how long we’ve had them, no matter how good they sound, and no matter who first told them to us. Before belief has a chance of becoming wisdom, it must have been questioned, it must have been taken apart and dismantled in 100 different ways.

8:26 So we need to have the humility to understand that this belief is not who we are. It’s not representative of who we are not yet, and maybe it never will be. We need to detach ourselves from our beliefs in such a way that we can examine them with equanimity without any kind of desire for the outcome.

16:52 2nd ingredient to cultivating wisdom – Experimentation

Experimentation is for all ages, not just for the young. What does it look like if today we Say yes to something that we’ve always said no to. What if today we decide we want to dress the way that we’ve felt it in our heart is really truly our expression, our souls expression.

It’s leading by our nose rather than by our belief sets, or by our shoulds.

18:04 3rd ingredient to cultivating wisdom – Curiosity

Whether we take a path that’s preordained by culture or byfamily or even by our own sense of what timeline we’re supposed to be on, or whether or not we follow that path of our own curiosity, it’s really up to us.

Reference to Episode 10, with Matt Welch:

There are no failures through the eye of the soul. I feel like when curiosity is calling us in a different direction, it’s really our soul, saying that it wants a certain facet painted or reflected into the world.

23:52 4th ingredient to cultivating wisdom – Reflection

But as life continues to move forward, there’s always something We can be reflecting back on. Our stories are part of who we are, and are part of our wisdom wells. There are certain events in our life that are so powerful that they will hold wisdom for us for years upon years.

24:50 5th ingredient to cultivating wisdom – Desire

We’re not here to rest. We’re here to grow wiser, we’re here to ask ourselves the hard questions. We’re here to look at our dark sides in our shadow sides, and our blind spots. Those are the keys to developing even greater wisdom, and then sharing that with others—not through our words necessarily, but through our very being, through our very presence. This is wisdom. This is the journey and it is motivated from the soul.


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