Anger’s Fire: How to Receive and Digest the Message


Anger’s Fire

“Anyone can become angry, that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way that is not within everyone’s power. And it’s not easy.” Aristotle anger

Anger is a challenging emotion because it is fire and fire is hard to manage.

But when used appropriately, it can create a fire that brings light and illumination into the world. It can bring clarity, it can allow for digest of old ideas and beliefs. It can clear away falsehoods and masks and lies so that we can see the truth beneath all of that. Anger has an important role in this human life. And for us to continually try to pretend that we don’t have it, or on the other hand, succumb to it so completely, that we become the actual embodiment of anger. Now, having kidnapped anger, this messenger rather than having allowed it to come and do its job, and then leave.

We get angry about things because they matter to us at some level. And unless we allow anger it’s full right to exist in a mature and thoughtful way. We’re never going to get the message and will continue to replay it again and again.

Everything takes energy, and we need fire. We need the illumination that sometimes only anger can provide. And the more we cultivate a relationship with anger, the more readily his messages are understood and taken in and accepted, the less he will have to visit. The more we will tame this dragon of ours, and he will be at our service. Without it actually causing pain to ourselves or others, we will be able to act upon the underlying message.

We will be able to see what only fire allowed us to see.


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