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You are That, and More: Detaching from our Identities

Date: January 17, 2018

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Place: Metamorphosis Center, 8656 Eagle Creek Parkway, # 101, Savage, MN55378


It is customary in our society to introduce ourselves, and get to know others by, our identities, or “skins.” These earthly skins—roles, jobs, relationship statuses, coffee preferences, and quirky personality characteristics—were always meant to be worn as a snake wears its skin: without attachment, desire or repulsion.

 But too often these labels, despite whether we view them positively or negatively, become fused with our essence until we no longer see ourselves apart or distinct from them. Now, rather than performing their primary role of helping us understand ourselves better, they limit and slow our movement and expression in the world. Like a snake’s stretched skin, labels which once helped us grow now keep us boxed in and held down.

 We all so much more than our Myers Briggs or Enneagram result. So much more than the “Game of Thrones” character or “Harry Potter” house we match. We are complex, multi-faceted, changeable and mercurial human beings, imbibed with mysterious nature of the soul. Only when we remember this can we truly play the game of life—and choose to wear the identities of this world—with joy and freedom.

 Join us for an insightful talk about the possibilities that are available once we see the world’s labels as nothing more than the skins they are.

Past/Available Offerings:

Positive Activism Program: Peace is not Passive

What prevents those of us devoted to a spiritual life from reaching out as activists?

It’s not because we don’t want to see a fairer world or a healthier planet. 

It’s not because we don’t see that we are all connected.

Maybe it’s because we see ourselves as peaceful people, and therefore do not wish to be associated with qualities sometimes connected with the word “activist:” aggressive, angry, inflexible.

But we cannot create a healthier world by stepping back from the light. We cannot create a fairer world by silencing our voice. We cannot cultivate peace through passive actions.

In this workshop, let’s discuss the positive, active energy behind cultivating and maintaining peace. We might agree by the end that being spiritual and being an activist are not that different after all.

The Making of an Activist

Now, we are called to make a difference. Now, we are called to fight for one another. Now, all spiritually-minded people are called into activism grounded in love and compassion.

Practice Compassion: Embodying our greatest strength in the midst of our deepest fears

Spiritual teachings speak of empathy, compassion and kindness. It’s relatively easy to train up these skills with those who we love and/or agree with.

But that’s not where the work is calling us to now.

In a nation in which our shadows—racial division, gender bias, hostility towards the “other”—have slipped into mainstream and risen to the Oval Office, we must resist the urge to withdraw in passiveness, fear and more divisiveness, but reengage with the world and each other with greater compassion and willingness to understand than ever before.

Let’s come together to reflect and share even the smallest ways in which we can unite and continue to spread love and support for all Americans.

Compassion in Action

Whether you have been doing activism work for your whole life or you are itching to get started, we’d like to invite you to take part in our program called:  Compassion in Action.

Rather than stoking fears or rousing anger, we will focus on what it means to stay grounded in our bodies while working in the world positively, dedicated to working from the core of our being to bring about the changes we wish to see. We will focus on questions such as:

——How do we extend our reach in the world to support those things we care about while staying in alignment with our soul’s call?

——How do we feel fulfilled and do everything we can while simultaneously taking care of our body and mind?

——How do we not “burn out?”

——How do we know what to focus on when there’s so much to do?

Through group meetings, Facebook connection, book/movie recommendations, guest speakers, reference sharing and story-telling and group support, we will find the strength and conviction to be active in the world in a way that feeds our heart and soul.

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