When Growth Looks More Like Unravelling: Navigating COVID-19


Navigating COVID-19 means we need to rethink what we believe about growth—both as a human being and as a collective society. In this episode, Mary Hodges, host of the podcast Abundantly Being, and I chat about what a “new normal” might look like, how we might define or redefine success & growth, and how we might, after this pandemic is over, change our ways of life as a country to be more in line with Mother Nature.

3:00: What is the definition of success, before/after COVID-19

5:50: How the internal work translates into connections in community

8:25: Personal “growth” – redefining what it means to grow/maintenance mode

10:40: Self-love, sitting with emotions

12:40: Train ride analogy

14:40: Compassion – We are all in this together

17:10: Choosing Curiosity over anger and frustration

18:50: Is “new Normal” a bad thing?

  • Quote from Kyle Cease“You’re only scared because you can measure what you will lose. You can’t see what you will gain.”

19:50 – How will collective belief systems change?

21:20: America’s Rugged Individualism – will it last (should it last?)

23:30:  The relationship between Humility & power

26:00: Recalibration/revelation

Article reference Washington Post: Are Young People Doomed to a Repeat of the Great Recession, by Megan McArdle

27:20: What happens when we value human beings as more than “human capital”?

29:00 Conformity and Revolt

Book reference/quote: Think of These Things, by J. Krishnamurti

34:00: Our collective values & how they are formed/changed

36:00: A Taoist look at our values (yin and yang)

37:40: How to be with yourself/what is the definition of bored?

38:40: Cultural Stories

Book reference/quote: Ishmael: A Novel, by Daniel Quinn

41:40: Mother Nature Reclaiming her time

43:00: Mindset tips & advice for navigating this period of time



Mary Hodges

Mary Hodges is the host of the Abundantly Being Podcast where she and her guests share tips for creating fulfillment from within and taking ownership of your life and business. Mary’s mission is to help entrepreneurs create a thriving life and business from the inside out so they can experience more flow, more fun, and more freedom while they share their gifts with the world. To do this, Mary created the Abundantly Being Together community where entrepreneurs can gather to build deeper connections to others and themselves.




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