Investing in Creativity & Curiosity During Times of Crisis

I’m so glad to be able to do this podcast right now. It means so much to be able to chew through some of these difficult things that are going around in our head as we all deal with the effects of the Coronavirus.
If you are an artist or creative or a visionary or a leader in any capacity right now, I think today’s episode will be especially valuable for you. Andrea and I talked about how important it is to stay connected to our creativity and our curiosity and our hope for a new world as we continue to stay present compassionate and empathetic during this period of time.
And if you know somebody who’s creative and is in this space of making art for the world, and perhaps especially if they’re struggling with that right now, definitely share this episode with them.
1:00: Introduction to Andrea’s Podcast: Our Story Speaks
4:00: Value of our work – Importance of continuing your art, podcasts, book, and other creative pursuits during Coronavirus creativity
9:12: “It is not the time for any of us to stop moving in the direction of growth, progress, passions and purpose.”
10:55: Collective Consciousness – how it affects all of us
12:50: New Normals – Our resilient souls
14:00: How to show up for/in discomfort
14:54: Spiritual Opportunity
15:00: Mother Earth
15:45: Ayurvedic approach/philosophy
17:30: The Lifestyle we’ve been “sold”
19:00: How to be in discomfort – Yin Yoga
20:20: Modeling for children
21:00: Our interconnectedness/reaching out to each other
25:10: Empathy/Compassion
29:00: Women’s roles in leading with love and courage
 – power, empowerment, thoughtfulness, creativity
31:30: A new world – staying in a place of curiosity
32:00: What are these feelings and where are they coming from?
33:15: Courage and Fear in our circles
34:40: Time for wholeness
36:15: Tips to stay in the space of hopefulness and curiosity
42:00 Importance of writing down these stories
Andrea is the creator and host of Our Story Speaks, a podcast platform for women to share the ideas, experiences and stories that connect us all.  Andrea has a background in social work, a passion around women’s issues and a belief that meaningful connection with other women is the way we heal our traumas and create great things.  Andrea lives in Oregon with her two small sons.
Here are my links/contact information:
FB & IG -@ourstoryspeaks (coming soon!)

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