The Power of Liminal Spaces

Liminal spaces

Episode Title: The Power of Liminal Spaces

Host: Keri Mangis

Main Topics:

Understanding Liminal Spaces:

[05:00] Definition and emotional resonance of being “in between” states, the challenge and beauty of transitions.
Cultural Context and Historical Insight:

[12:30] Discusses how different cultures and ancient rites incorporate the understanding of these transitional phases.
Transformation in Personal and Collective Spheres:

[20:45] Reflects on the pandemic as a collective liminal space and the need for real transformation rather than superficial changes.
Navigating Liminal Spaces:

[31:10] Offers practical advice on dealing with uncertainty and the potential within liminal spaces, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and reflection.

[40:00] Keri wraps up by connecting her personal experiences with broader societal implications, underscoring the power and potential of embracing liminal spaces.

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