Our Stories: Find the Healing; Share the Value

Our Stories

Our Stories


In this episode, I chat with Amy Hallberg about the stories we live individually and collectively, and the importance of sharing them. We share this in the context of our own process of writing our first books, as well as through the lens of WWII and COVID-19. In other words, we go deep!

If you are a storyteller or simply enjoy listening and sharing stories, this episode is for you.

3:15 Writing as a Path to Healing – Before it becomes available to others

10:00 – Writing Your Stories – Big things in tiny little moments

13:05 Truth in Emotions

15:33 – Cognitive Dissonance and Side-effects of not sharing stories

19:42 – The danger of being a “good girl”

21:00 – How our Writing Affects others is not our business

22:44 – Overcoming Cultural Programming/Collective Consciousness/Truths that keep us comfortable

24:44 – Covid-19 as compared to AIDS, STD

25:44 –We are not China” statement by Governor of Mississippi

27:30 – Facing our mortality/Savasana Pose

29:55 – Survivor stories

Books Mentioned in this Section

The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom

33:10 -Women’s courage. – book recommendations for moving through this period of time –

An Interrupted Life the Diaries, 1941-1943 and Letters from Westerbork, by Etty Hillesum

The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah

41:00 – All our Stories Matter

46:00 Covid-19 Why we should be writing down the stories from this time.

Book Recommendation:

Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel García Márquez


Guest Amy Hallberg


Amy Hallberg, Story Mentor and Editor, helps people tap into healing and wisdom through writing. A graduate of Carleton College and Loft Literary Center’s Foreword Apprenticeship in Creative Nonfiction, Amy is a Martha Beck Certified Master Coach who holds University of Chicago certificates in editing and translation. Amy’s first book, German Awakening: Tales from an American Life won the 2019 IPPY Bronze Award for Best Midwest Nonfiction. She hosts two podcasts: Courageous Wordsmith and Kiki Kelley’s Tales from a Bucket List Champ. Amy loves tracking Shiny Objects as a way to transform stories and life, a pursuit at the heart of her online Courageous Wordsmith Collective for writers.

Website is https://courageouswordsmith.com

Courageous Wordsmith Collective is https://write.courageouswordsmith.com

Podcast is https://podcast.courageouswordsmith.com

Kiki’s Podcast is https://bucketlistchamp.simplecast.com

FB is https://facebook.com/wordscourageous


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