The Power of Discomfort: Lowering Resistance to Transformation

power of discomfort

power of discomfort

Introduction: How are we Meeting/Resisting the discomfort brought on by the changes in our lives?

“From a spiritual perspective, there is huge power in discomfort. And when I use the word discomfort, I’m not talking about pain.”

4:00 – Discomfort – “Discomfort allows us to move inward, to reflect, to consider to contemplate, so that we can change and we can adjust and grow through that discomfort.”

5:00 – The main question: Who do you want to be when this is over?

“But I won’t know these things, unless I really allow myself to go into the space rather than letting the restlessness so overcome me and begin to drive my emotions.”

7:00 – Thoughtful Approach – day by day

10:00 – How this Period of Time is Like a Yin Yoga pose – It doesn’t have to be a battle

“Most of us, again, are trained to either be in complete ease and comfort, or chase after ease and chase away discomfort. We are not given any tools that I can think of that allow us to just be in a space of discomfort without feeling like it’s a fight.”

“We are all in a collective Bound Angle Pose. And we’re just being asked to sit and there are some in our collective class that are getting up and they are throwing things against the wall and they are not willing to stay any longer. they’re clamoring at the door.”

15:11 Some thoughts on boredom – does it exist? Or is it an excuse to not have to sit with ourselves any longer?

“The further we’ve gone from our true self, the further we have strayed from our morals and our values and our, our purpose, the more uncomfortable it’s going to be when we are reminded of it.”

17:11 – Children have a sense of purpose – as busy adults we tend to forget

“I’m not talking about…we knew we wanted to be a doctor. I’m talking about, we had a sense of our own general proclivities our own general abilities. We knew who we were, and we expressed it authentically. This is I’m talking about a time before adults and teachers got a hold of us. I’m talking about a time before we were disciplined out of it or shamed out of it.”

18:35 – Endless Curiosity and its purpose

“So, I’ve learned that about myself through periods of reflection, through times of solitude and silence. I did not learn this about myself by staying busy, or by getting a professional accolade or by any other outward measure of success. I did not learn this about myself through being out in the world. I learned it by going inward by being in my own discomfort, and recognizing and accepting how often I have shunned my own essential self.

21;42 In Closing:

So I invite you also to help me with this cause, and to invite those who are beginning to stray and those who are beginning to go back out in the world and perhaps endanger themselves and others to come back in to sit. To know that we can do this, that we do have the capacity to be here a little longer. It will end, that timer will go off, I promise. And we can hope to emerge in such a way that we can look back upon this period of time with
some kind of appreciation for what we learned and how it shifted us and what we peeled away.”



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