Practicing Mindfulness for Transformation & Self-Understanding



Opening Introduction on Mindfulness:

“During this Coronavirus pandemic, we are going through a very special kind of alchemy, where, for the first time in a long time, people are talking again about what their values are, what matters to them, how they want to spend their money, which is a reflection of their values and what matters to them.”

2:42 Thoughtlessness prevalent in human life.

5:37 We’re here in order to wake up.

“We’re here to awaken to the areas within us that are wounded that are still driving us, subconsciously, when we’re least aware of it, especially when we’re under tension and stress.”

8:21 – Getting Triggered

“Mindfulness is a practice of being able to say, Aha, I see my reaction. And I don’t necessarily need to do anything about it. I don’t need to make it go away.”

“So the more we practice mindfulness, the more it happens spontaneously…”

10:16 – Mindfulness is about the observer – and letting ourselves feel.

“We are sensate creatures, we’re meant to feel things. And it would be so much more fun if we all went about our lives with sort of the eye of curiosity about the way that things make us feel. Especially the things that we don’t think should make us feel so much the little things, the little things that set us off and we say, I don’t understand why I responded that way. Get curious about that.”

“My mindfulness is largely a practice of curiosity. It’s a practice of wonderment and wondering about this process of being human about the interconnectedness between all of us, and how certain people come into our lives and why they do and how this or that person triggers us. Isn’t that interesting?”

12:20 Soul’s perspective

“Mindfulness, due to its wide and deep perception, naturally leads us to ask why, why why, about everything from our own human behavior, on upward to our social paradigms, and downward to our personal quirks. Without this sense of surprise, and wonder towards life, our mind can close our energy worlds down and our consciousness ceases to grow. In which case, thoughtlessness becomes the only way we move through life.”

16:10 Mindfulness and our connectivity

“The practice of mindfulness also brings us into connectivity amongst each other, that may not normally exist. We see ourselves as separate. But honestly, it’s just an illusion, we really are all the same. We are all human, with emotions with desires with longings, with fears. When we practice mindfulness, we can better see the fabric of our own human condition. And from there, we can begin to have deeper compassion for human conditions all over the planet.”

 “So many of our regrettable actions are those that are made in moments of thoughtlessness rather than mindfulness.”

19:00 The importance of Self-Love alongside a mindfulness practice

“Anytime you have a practice, like mindfulness, which involves so much attention and heat, awareness and intention, there must be a counter practice that is very soft and cool and accepting. In other words, for any kind of a practice where we’re cultivating change, where we’re putting ourselves into the vat of transformation, there must be a safe place to then return to when the practice is complete.”

20:30 – Our Choice

“We have a choice on this planet, we can either grow older, or we can grow elder and become wiser as we age. We can continue to learn and grow these things. These actions of learning and growing and curiosity are not only for children, they are for all of us, to keep us youthful to awaken us to raise our consciousness for ourselves and for our planet.”

22:50 – Train Ride Analogy about losing our sense of direction, meaning & purpose.

“We have all officially been kicked off that train. And we’re all sitting on the ground dusting the grass off of our pants saying what happened? How did we get here? We’re waking up we’ve been forced to wake up to the unconscious patterns that might have existed in our lifestyle.”


Keri Mangis
Award-Winning Author & Wholeness Advocate

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Author: Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness—A Memoir of New Beginnings, winner of the 2020 IPA for Body, Mind and Spirit

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