Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness

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For readers seeking inspirational knowledge about their higher purpose, their Soul guides, and the lessons of every life, Embodying Soul is a marvelous, heart-opening excursion.

—Christine Warren, Teacher, Author
Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings



  1. Kirkus Review

    The author’s principal goal is to inform, and the book becomes a kind of self-help guide that encourages intuition, communication, and letting go. A nontraditional but effective memoir about one woman’s discovery of spiritualism.

  2. Mamta Mahavan – Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite

    Have you ever thought about contacting your soul? Well, this memoir might help you do it. . . .
    The book is profound and will help readers look at life with a different perspective and work toward being in alignment with their life, embodying characteristics like softness, calmness, approachability, courage, humility, patience, and strength.

  3. Rabia Tanveer – Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite

    An inspiration for the women who lose themselves in nurturing their families and the lives of other people. There is no shame in loving yourself and making an effort to find yourself. I hope that many women take this book as an inspiration to make their lives . . . exactly what they want and not what other people want.

  4. K.C. Finn – Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite

    This volume not only describes the . . . choices that its author makes but also combines the narrative of a kind of spirit guide [who teaches her] the importance of getting to know her true self. . . . The two distinct narratives keep the work fresh and interesting as the conversation between soul and self deepens. A truly unique and highly motivational read with plenty of uplifting qualities.

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