Resisting the Pull and Power of the Status Quo

Status Quo

Resisting the Pull and Power of the Status Quo


The status quo is a force of power that keeps a society stuck. But, to best challenge the societal status quo, we must first challenge our own.

Why is it that as we grow up, we become incurious? As we move from childhood to adulthood, we slowly lose that sense of pushing back, questioning authority, or challenging norms and rules. What’s even worse than that? Becoming rigorous defenders of the status quo, bound and determined to prevent anyone with a new idea and a new thought, and a different way of doing things to gain a foothold.

We all know that the status quo keeps us stuck. It keeps us from our own growth. Therefore, it is important for us as human beings, if we want to remain awake and aware, if we want to come into our own power, that we challenge the power of the status quo. For it truly is a power. It is a force of energy backed by decades, generations, maybe even a millennia of custom, tradition, and belief.

For our personal and collective growth, we need to create a society in which we look for the friction and we look for the rub and we embrace the discomfort. It is in the process of taking something down that we build something better in its place.


  1. Rachael Nixon on at 4:39 am

    But when the curtain lifts,,, it really does lift, right?

    Inspired Listen.

    • Keri on at 2:35 pm

      And then you can never put the curtain down again! Which is very good.

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