Awaken your


Keri Mangis

I’m Keri.

I am a curious seeker and truth speaker

An Earth Realm explorer and Soul Realm mediator

A philosopher and boundary-free visionary


I’ve been called…

A spiritual radical

A deep-thought translator

A cultural provocateur

A hooligan

And my favorite...

Mindbendingly badass

3 gold snakes

I’m here to invite you to awaken your power.

The power that fuels your courage, truth, and integrity.

The power that kindles your self-trust, self-love, and self-acceptance.

The power that allows you to draw in the deepest, most satisfying breath you’ve ever taken.

welcome to the

Awaken your power movement.

along the way...

I encourage you to embrace the discomfort, the uncertainty, the lack of balance and shaky confidence, for this is how we move into self-reliance. I will applaud the confusion you feel about where you’re going next, for this is how we move to conviction.

and I’ll remind you...

to breathe as the facades around you crumble, for it is in this rubble that your truest self will be born. Then... I’m going to encourage you to continue on bravely through the death of the old life and into your next rebirth. And the next one, and the one after that.

‘tis the time for...

rebirth, regeneration and radical mutation! Once you’ve awakened your power, it is not time to rest. In fact, this is a new beginning. Now your power can be directed to challenge the hierarchies and paradigms that control our world.

Keri Home Photo

Because this movement is not about one person.

It’s about each other.

it’s about all of us.

this is a new beginning.