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The Danger of Falling under the Spell of Belief, and How to Break it
But when left unsupervised in our mind, beliefs can quickly turn into jealous friends who don’t allow you to entertain any new ones. They can force us into reactionary relationships with others who hold differing beliefs. They can slowly morph us from curious, imaginative souls into programmed automatons who rarely think, respond, or listen, but rather recite, recycle, and repeat.
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The Danger of Falling under the Spell of Belief, and How to Break it

This article was originally published on Elephant Journal.  Let me start with something I believe: It’s vital to our mental, physical, and spiritual health that we humans have convictions. I believe in holding principles and ideologies that supply meaning and...

Stop Working for The MAN and do This Instead.

This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. Much of the way we live is unconsciously learned behavior that gets built, thought by thought, into habit and routine. We do something a certain way because “it’s always been done that...

Slow & Steady Wins Races, not Racial Equality.

This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. “You know how change happens? You get a little bit, and you hold it. Get a little more, and hold. That’s how gay marriage happened, just a little bit at a time....

Normal is Calling. We must Resist.

This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. You hear it too, right? The sweet, sweet sound of normal calling us? Or, if you don’t hear it, can you feel it? The pull to shore up the societal guardrails, hide...
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Because, well, COVID: Norm-Breaking and Advice-Giving in 2020

My 20-year-old daughter, off teaching dance routines in North Dakota, called me the other day, exasperated. COVID "Nothing in my schedule ever works out for me," she complained. "What happened this time?" I asked. It turns out that Job Number 1 scheduled...
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F*ck the Light: It’s Time for us to Walk (and Lead) in Darkness

This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. “Love is an action, never simply a feeling.” bell hooks Earlier this week, I led a virtual discussion from my home in Minneapolis. The topic, which was set back in March, was...
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The Key To Pulling Out of an Emotional Nosedive

  According to Ayurvedic cosmology, everything seen and unseen in the Universe is comprised of some combination of the five great elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The elements themselves can be broken down into “gunas”, or qualities, all...

What are We Willing to Trade for Greater Wisdom?

wisdom In many fairy tales/mythical stories, the hero 👑 must make their way through various obstacles toward a destination. Oftentimes, though, even once they reach the destination, they're not finished, as they find the treasure is...
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A Tipping Point, Collective Consciousness, and Us.

The Tipping Point Philosophy Malcolm Gladwell states in his book, The Tipping Point, that “ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do.” It's an interesting time to consider such an idea, as we literally watch the power and speed of...

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