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The Art of the Breakdown
“I’m having a breakdown” is not a very commonly accepted thing to say in public. In self-improvement circles, you break down obstacles, not your own personality or beliefs. In business meetings, giving a breakdown is code for better understanding, not something that eliminates all understanding and places you in the midst of uncertainty and confusion.…
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dragon breathing fire

To Face the Dragon Is to Seize Life Itself

An old alchemical saying states, Opponere Draconem est prehendere Vitam. It means: “To face the Dragon is to seize life itself.” This in turn means: Walk straight into the chaos of your life, your mind, your identity — burn it to the...
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Meet Your Shadow

What is the Shadow? The Shadow is an archetype that lives within all of us. It is the home for all the parts of ourselves we don’t want to look at or accept: our shortcomings, prejudices, or perceived negative qualities....
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Embrace Rebirth

You've probably heard it said: crisis brings opportunity. Not just any regular opportunity either — an opportunity for a profound rebirth. But what does that mean? And how do you do it? While you’re smack dab in the middle of...

Grounded in Hope

Free use from Pixabay Each year at this time, I look forward to the tulips 🌷 blossoming in my front yard, the geese returning, and seeing the children playing outside, their winter jackets all tossed in a heap on the last pile of melting...
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Self-Worth Lessons From “The Breakfast Club”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: Combative, comparative, and conditional types of self-worth are temporary and ego-based whereas constitutional self-worth isn’t dependent on any outside situation or person. You already know that a healthy sense of self-worth is essential for overall well-being....
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How Ayurveda Can Help You Find (and Keep) Your Best Relationships

  Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels Is your relationship too fiery? Is there too much “go with the flow” and not enough stability? Does one partner constantly have their head in the clouds, forgetting important events, while the other...

How Mindfulness Keeps the Surprise Alive

  Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels The element of surprise A friend of mine who lives about 20 miles away recently told me about a great vegan restaurant near me where we could meet for lunch. I hadn’t heard...

What Ayurveda Can Teach Us About Our Emotions

  Image by Gloria Williams from Pixabay Most of us have difficulty accepting our emotions, especially the uncomfortable or embarrassing ones like anger or envy. Our reaction to feeling these emotions rise up is often to bury them, reject them,...
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Why Are We Still Romanticizing Normal?

The trouble with normal You hear it too, right? The sweet, sweet sound of normal calling us? Or, if you don’t hear it, can you feel it? The pull to shore up the societal guardrails, hide the mess, and pretend...

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