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Grounded in Hope
Free use from Pixabay Each year at this time, I look forward to the tulips 🌷 blossoming in my front yard, the geese returning, and seeing the children playing outside, their winter jackets all tossed in a heap on the last pile of melting snow. The spring season represents opening, rejuvenation, and renewal. The promise of spring shows us that after…
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You Can be a Pessimist and Still Live a Healthy, Happy Life

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Defensive Pessimism I often consider myself a reasonably positive person—that is, until I meet someone who is really a positive person. I’m referring to the kind of person who is forever pointing out silver linings. The...
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Feed Your Curiosity’s Appetite

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay What is the point? Asks my ego. Yeah, but what are you going to use it for? Asks the culture. Isn’t learning that now a waste of time? Ask many a well-meaning observer of...

Grown-Ass Adults Who Don’t Seek Personal Growth Hurt More Than Themselves

  Image by Barbara Iandolo from Pixabay Did you hear that a woman was raped on a SEPTA train in Pennsylvania, and nobody stepped in to help? A man ripped her clothes off in full view of the other passengers and proceeded to assault her....
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Midlife is Only a Crisis If You Make It One

Photo by Raúl Nájera on Unsplash The midlife crisis The other day, I got curious about who coined the term “mid-life crisis.” Mainly, I was curious about the need for such a strong word like “crisis.” I was betting myself...
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Stay-at-Home Mom-ing: The Decision of (Almost) a Lifetime

  Image by jplenio from Pixabay Like about 43% of all women, I chose to give up my career path to stay home and raise our two daughters. It was what I wanted; I never was an ideal “corporate” employee,...
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Take the Infinite Approach to Your Work and Your Future

  Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels Life is An Illusion “Hey kids, do you see that puddle of water on the road ahead of us?” my dad asked as my family traveled the North Dakota highways on a bright,...
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Certification Tracks and Life Coaching are Patriarchal Concepts Whose Time Has Passed

  Photo by Vinicius Altava from Pexels “WHY would someone who was so far along in the certification program, someone who had moved past so many barriers already [want to leave the program] ….please, for your own sake, please consider...
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The Last Stop-Gap to Credible, Reader-Minded Writing: Our Integrity

There are 1001 reasons to be glad that the barriers to writing have virtually disappeared in recent years and decades. In many places, especially online, there is nary a speed bump to slow us down before we press publish. Thanks...

Creating For Our Lives

One day, while forming an argument that creativity does not always have to have a purpose or deeper meaning, I sought out some of nature’s strangest and seemingly purposeless creations, figuring that if nature doesn’t always have a reason behind...

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