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The Myth of the Linear Path
I’m writing this fresh off a trip to Boston, where I visited my youngest daughter. She is a senior year at Boston University, pursuing astrophysics and mechanical engineering (tell me about it). She is currently in the process of applying to grad schools, and has sadly so far amassed three rejections. The mother in me,…
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a person climbing a ladder depicting a linear path
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Seeking the True Source of Your Motivation

Photo by Public Domain Pictures: The idea of a lifetime? motivation “This is what I’ll do for the rest of my life!” I’ve exclaimed the above to my husband on more than one occasion, my...
beliefs moral

The Limitations of Beliefs and Morals

Photo by İbrahim Can Dayıoğlu : Here’s a theory: What if we spent less time arguing on behalf of our beliefs and morals and more time ridding ourselves of them? What if the time we...

The Myth of Scarcity and the Root of Othering

Scarcity Money doesn’t grow on trees. scarcity Time is money. A penny saved is a penny earned. Since we were children, we were steeped in the idea of scarcity. There was never enough money, we were told, and so, most...

An Alternative to the Same Old Stale Hero

Photo by Gabriel Bassino on Unsplash Our concept of what and who a hero is arises primarily through our (mostly unconscious) internalization of the Hero’s Journey, which Joseph Campbell popularized in his book, The Hero with a...
A blurry image of a person riding a motorcycle.

There is No Such Thing as Wasted Time

During the COVID lockdowns, my daughter, who was once again living at home, said she was thinking about dropping her college physics class. It was hard, she said, to learn physics remotely. She thought if she tried again the following...
A black and white photo of a woman with her hands in the air, portraying vulnerability

Vulnerability and The Fallacy of Growing Thicker Skin

“You need to grow a thicker skin.” Oh, how many times I’ve been told this in my life — most often during my formative years. Perhaps you, too, have been told that you need a thicker shell, or need to...
A woman is posing in the snow with her arms outstretched, finding peace, not purpose

Stop Trying to Find Your Purpose

The Soul's Nature What do you believe about the nature of your soul? What do you believe about finding your soul’s purpose (or “dharma” or “calling”)? If you believe that the soul is little more than an evolved version of...
A wall of old books displaying personal growth.

The Tyranny of Personal Growth

The Opposite of Growth According to, the opposite of growth is: “decay, stagnation, decrease, decline, lessening, worsening, failure.” Right in the definition, formed from our cultural lingo: the opposite of growth is death. What else could it be, right?...
woman in white dress falling with purple background

The Art of the Breakdown

“I’m having a breakdown” is not a very commonly accepted thing to say in public. In self-improvement circles, you break down obstacles, not your own personality or beliefs. In business meetings, giving a breakdown is code for better understanding, not...

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