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Did Your Soul Say Yes to Living This Human Life?

It is human nature to ponder what happens to our souls when we die. But an even more interesting question for me has always been this: Did our souls say Yes to living this human life?

No Longer Practicing

My first “real” yoga teacher (by “real,” I mean the woman from whom I learned the philosophical support structure of yoga, not just the postures) taught me that the truest purpose of the yoga postures is to practice, in safety and comfort, how …

The Best Healing Tool Ever (not available in stores!)

Are you currently experiencing and looking to heal from chronic disease, illness, or even just a vague sense of physical discomfort or pain? Then look no further. Of all the holistic healing tools available today from herbs to essential oils …

Why Worry?

The title of this podcast is a bit tongue-in-cheek; as you will see, worrying is a natural human phenomenon! However, through this 45 minute discussion, you will explore it, and all it’s cousins – anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, etc., and …



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