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One Way or Another: The Reconciliation of 2020
Four years ago, right before the election, I wrote a blog post entitled, On the Precipice: Trump, Clinton and the Election of 2016. When I wrote it, my hands were shaking with nervous anticipation. I was not someone who believed Clinton had it in the bag. I had driven enough around my own state of…
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tipping point

A Tipping Point, Collective Consciousness, and Us.

The Tipping Point Philosophy Malcolm Gladwell states in his book, The Tipping Point, that “ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do.” It's an interesting time to consider such an idea, as we literally watch the power and speed of...

Trading Anxiety & Depression for Curiosity in the Times of COVID-19

Questions are good for us to have right now—but whether they are fueled by curiosity, or by anxiety and depression, makes all the difference for our health and well-being. ENDLESS QUESTIONS So many questions. Ask me how I feel inside...

Embracing Discomfort: Lessons from The Princess and the Pea

THE METAPHOR The Princess and the Pea is one of my favorite childhood fairy tales. If you've forgotten, this is the story of the princess who felt the single pea placed beneath twenty mattresses by a prince who wanted to...
to my body

To My Body: How a Solo Pilgrimage to Myanmar Shifted My Relationship with Anxiety

When I was diagnosed with social anxiety nearly two decades ago, my initial response was critical self-judgement. It took me a trip to Myanmar to learn just wha anxiety feels like and looks like to my body, and begin to...
Woman Dancing

What Does Soul Embodiment Mean?

Most simply, soul embodiment means complete and total self-acceptance & self-love. When we embody our souls, we expand and include. This is in contrast to when we feed our egos, which causes us to contract, to divide, to exclude. In...
power balance

Power Balance: What We Have & What We Need

Power Balance As we prepare to move into not only a New Year but a new decade, I’d like to share a reflection on the concept of power, and the power balance (or imbalance) that currently...

Learning to Accept our Authentic Self When We are Imperfect – Guest Post by Matt Welsh

One of my life goals is to be authentic. Initially, this may seem or sound simple. Being authentic simply means to be yourself, speak your truth, express your needs, or be true to yourself. However, one of the hardest parts...

Cowlicks, Control, and Bad Behavior: A Midlife Reflection

  cowlick For those of us with a controlling nature, midlife, with all its twists and surprises, offers quite a challenge. The latest twist in my life is a literal one: wild, non-conforming cowlicks in my...

A Tourist, Traveling Alone in a Foreign Country

  Years ago, while participating in a writing group, we students were asked to write about and share a metaphor that would describe our life. Some people shared common metaphors—such as a butterfly, or a seashell, or a diamond. For...

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