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power balance

Power Balance: What We Have & What We Need

By Keri | December 11, 2019

We’ve defined power (and let others define it) in only masculine terms: the muscled bicep, the loud voice, the gun at the hip, the immovable, blank face. What we’ve missed is the incredible power found in feminine terms: a loving touch, a listening ear, an open heart. This yin power can bring the earth and water elements so desperately needed to tame the fire.

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Learning to Accept our Authentic Self When We are Imperfect – Guest Post by Matt Welsh

By Keri | December 7, 2019

One of my life goals is to be authentic. Initially, this may seem or sound simple. Being authentic simply means to be yourself, speak your truth, express your needs, or be true to yourself. However, one of the hardest parts about being authentic is recognizing that I am not perfect. Thus, part of being authentic…

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Cowlicks, Control, and Bad Behavior: A Midlife Reflection

By Keri | November 4, 2019

I thrive on control. Organization makes me happy. I like things to go as I will them to, and things to be placed where they belong. Up until recently, that included the strands of my hair.

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A Tourist, Traveling Alone in a Foreign Country

By Keri | October 28, 2019

The reason I feel like I’m a tourist in a distant land is because I am. Well, we all are. We are all tourists, merely traveling souls here but for a brief moment in time—a nanosecond in the cosmic timeline. And our souls need to grow, too. In fact, they crave this growth. The only thing that frightens a soul is a stagnant, adventure-free life.

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Finding Joy Beneath our Human Skins

By Keri | October 27, 2019

In our society, we are taught early that joy is something to be earned through our human skins—a metaphor I use to refer to the labels, roles, titles, and relationships that we wear throughout our lifetime. This false belief is implanted in us from the time we are children, when we are repeatedly asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Underneath this innocent question is the implied meaning: You must make something of yourself in this world to be deserving of good things. As we become adults, the question changes to, “What do you do for a living?”, but the implication of status-dependent worth lingers.

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Why Soul Embodiment, and what does it mean?

By Keri | October 17, 2019

In some ways, soul embodiment feels a lot like groundedness. I do feel more connected to the Earth Realm than I was during that time, and can find myself very caught up in what it is to be human being living a limited life span. But I also see my life as a story playing out across time and space, and my role in it is more “observer” than participant.

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Soul Purpose

Remembering our Soul’s Reason for Choosing this Life

By Keri | September 28, 2019

Our souls are far too curious, adventurous, wild, and non-conforming to follow the steps and checklists that ego so prefers. As such, our souls probably have little interest in ego’s many ideas of purpose. Our souls did, however, come to the Earth Realm with a reason. This post was originally posted on The Edge Magazine.…

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Sharing Stories

How Personal Stories Can Heal the Collective Heart

By Keri | September 8, 2019

By the time we’re adults, we’re so accustomed to hiding our emotions, stuffing them down, ignoring them or belittling them, that this idea of seeing and honoring them as truth-tellers sounds like it would cause a revolution.

Maybe it could Maybe we need a revolution: A story-tellers revolution.

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Awaken to power

Awaken the Potent Power Coiled Inside You

By Keri | August 20, 2019

This power transforms a single individual from a human being who is sleepwalking through the days to one who is awake and making a notable difference in the world. One who is boldly addressing the inequities in the world as an agent of change. And one who is kindling this same kind of awakening in everyone they meet.
And if you’re ready for that, then please, join me in the movement.

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