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No Longer Practicing

My first “real” yoga teacher (by “real,” I mean the woman from whom I learned the philosophical support structure of yoga, not just the postures) taught me that the truest purpose of the yoga postures is to practice, in safety and comfort, how …

My Spiritual Immersion Trip to Myanmar — Part 2: Sloowly, Sloowly

I thought I was so clever. Three months before embarking on my trip to Myanmar for a three-and-a-half week pilgrimage, I sat cross-legged on my bed, leafing through the finalized, printed itinerary my travel agent sent me. And I said to myself, …

My Spiritual Immersion Trip to Myanmar — Part 1: Traveling Solo to a third-world country.

I feel so extraordinarily lucky. At age 42, married to a busy man, raising two busy teenage girls, immersed in a time of my life when I could so easily slide into a myopic world of dance competitions, student-teacher conferences …



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