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Take the Infinite Approach to Your Work and Your Future
  Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels Life is An Illusion “Hey kids, do you see that puddle of water on the road ahead of us?” my dad asked as my family traveled the North Dakota highways on a bright, sunny day. My two younger brothers in I, crammed together in the backseat, shifted our…
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Road in the desert
Grandfather working

Not Who I Was — Not Yet Who I Will Be

Lessons on transformation from alchemy, myth, and the butterfly Six months ago, I asked the Universe to put me in the crucible for transformation. It did so. I made this request because I sensed the ending of a life cycle....
Man observing rays of light

Four “Truths” We Believe in Without Even Knowing We Do

How to recognize and free ourselves from cultural conditioning Cultural conditioning From the time we are children, we build a collection of “truths” about the world. We don’t know that they are actually true; we haven’t studied them in-depth, nor...

Why Enlightenment is Not my Path

When I first started studying yoga and spirituality, I hoped it would set me free from depression. My journey with depression began with a trip to the bookstore, where I walked out empty-handed after browsing for over an hour. I...

We’re Here for Transformation. Now’s our Time.

Did you know that there is a stage in the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly, inside the chrysalis, in which it dissolves into nothing but a liquid mass? What was once a caterpillar is no longer distinguishable from...
Empty nest

The Upsides (and Downsides) of Empty-Nesting

Photo Credit: Evelyn Chong from Pexels For all the changes we’ve been through individually and collectively since the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, one thing has remained the same: kids grow up and move away from home. My husband and I count...

One Way or Another: The Reconciliation of 2020

reconcile Four years ago, right before the election, I wrote a blog post entitled, On the Precipice: Trump, Clinton and the Election of 2016. When I wrote it, my hands were shaking with nervous anticipation. I...

Stop Working for The MAN and do This Instead.

This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. Much of the way we live is unconsciously learned behavior that gets built, thought by thought, into habit and routine. We do something a certain way because “it’s always been done that...

Slow & Steady Wins Races, not Racial Equality.

This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. “You know how change happens? You get a little bit, and you hold it. Get a little more, and hold. That’s how gay marriage happened, just a little bit at a time....

Normal is Calling. We must Resist.

This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. You hear it too, right? The sweet, sweet sound of normal calling us? Or, if you don’t hear it, can you feel it? The pull to shore up the societal guardrails, hide...

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