“Keri is a brave seeker and a wise guide. She is constantly exploring life's biggest questions and mysteries, looking for ways to shed light on what matters most and find truths that can help put us on our right path and be our best selves.

As plugged into the practical, every-day details of living in the "real world" as she is interested in living an awakened, spiritual life, Keri understands that we have to live in the world, but is so committed to finding the spiritual magic and growth opportunities in every moment of that living. I love that she's honest about the challenges we all face in dealing with our families, professions, health issues, etc.; her understanding and compassion have often helped me and others find the humor, joy and lessons in any experience, whether it might seem positive or negative at first glance.

Keri has been a trusted guide, teacher and positive example for me at so many points in my life over several years. I know when I consult her about a matter, whether it's about my health, family, work life or a more esoteric question, she has the ability to gently guide me to my own right answer. I admire her continuous dedication to her own growth; by her own example, she shows how we never really "arrive" at a final stopping point, but how living our best life and discovering our own spirituality and path is an ongoing process, and one that can be fascinating, grounding and very rewarding.” Jen Larson Roesler, Minneapolis

"The [Positive Activism Program] was so well received by the community. [Keri] has married two subjects (spirituality and activism) that most of us think would not be fitting partners and made them cooperative components that can change the world. Beautiful work." Jan and Pete Girard, Conscious Living Expo Workshop Coordinators, Lake Harriet Spiritual Community

“Keri is a dedicated and passionate yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner who draws insight from her many years on the spiritual path and her thirst for knowledge. She brings compassion and wisdom to nurture those on the path of transformation. I highly recommend working with Keri.” Tara ‘Cindy’ Sherman, St. Paul

“Keri is an expert in her work. Initially, I met Keri who was my yoga instructor. Keri was personable and professional and made me feel welcome. She has a deep passion for everything she does. I strongly recommend Keri!” Lisa Carmichael, Eagan

"Keri teaches "authentic" yoga, mind, body, spirit, in a blend of poses, breath and awareness. No matter where you're at in your yoga practice, Keri will take you through the ever-evolving yoga process." Debra, Eagan

My Session with Keri was absolutely transformative! She helped me journey to the root cause of my fear anxiety and removed the obstacle. This treatment was complete love-based for lack of a better description. I left her office feeling completely different and I am actually weeks later still integrating the experience and seeing the benefits in my life. I feel inspired and connected to my life in an way that I do not have words to express.

My massage session with Keri was more than I expected. With a mixture of her nurturing touch and essential oils I was quickly transformed into a wonderfully relaxed and calm state. However, like many, I have painful obstacles in my life to get through and what started as a relaxing massage ended in a supportive healing session. Keri’s guidance and ability to know what you need is amazing. She truly addresses the person and not just the service she is performing.

There is a reverence in Keri's practice and teaching style that I haven't experienced anywhere else. She's on the journey and she invites her students to come along! Mary, Eagan

My health (mind, body & soul) have benefitted from knowing Keri for the past 10 years as she has instructed me in Yoga and Ayurveda. I highly recommend her. Sheila, Eagan

Keri is an inspirational teacher! She is an expert in her field but also a caring and wonderful teacher. Miriam, Eagan

Her positive energy and teaching have had a profound affect on me for the better. I would recommend her for yoga instruction knowing that you would receive a lot more than that. She can't help sharing knowledge! Sharon, Eagan

I took Yoga from Keri and it was wonderful! She sets a wonderful space. Peaceful, gentle, loving, safe, compassionate and caring. I was taught how to do a pose so as not to harm myself and how to get the best benefit. When we were done with an hour I thought I had been on a day retreat. In my opinion, she is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and easy to understand.
Diane, Lakeville


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