The Best Healing Tool Ever (not available in stores!)

Are you currently experiencing and looking to heal from chronic disease, illness, or even just a vague sense of physical discomfort or pain? Then look no further. Of all the holistic healing tools available today from herbs to essential oils to homeopathics there is one that is more powerful than the rest combined: Say YES to your life path!


What is a life path?


A life path is our personalized soul journey and expression in this lifetime through which we unbury and face our hidden fears, transform our wounded hearts and go into the world to serve without attachments or egoic desires, consequently realizing great personal freedom and joy.


Our personal life path is revealed within the quiet voice we access in silence and solitude. It’s wrapped inside the gut instinct we too often silence as “crazy”, “impossible” or “for someone else to do”, and it pulses behind the heart as it attempts to guide us to where no one else is willing to go.


Our life path empowers us to utilize our innate gifts, talents and inclinations and shine as our True Self regardless of what we “do for a living”, how much money we make or our status in the workplace, within and throughout time and space. And it provides us in return with health, happiness and vitality.


But life paths are not inherently easy, comfortable or safe. And they rarely conform to the current world paradigm, rules and hierarchies. If so, there would be no healing or growth benefit to us or the world! Instead, they ask us to courageously stand in the crossroads of fear and passion, doubt and conviction, disbelief and faith. To drop perceived limits and structures. To go against the grain. Day after day.


So no wonder it often seems wiser to shy away, closet our gifts and offload our work to someone else. Yet no one else can ever be us so our body, wise to our life path, attempts to awaken us to the knowledge that we are not allowing the truth of who we are to emerge and serve. And it does so through pain.


When this happens, we have an opportunity to resolve and change inconsistencies and disharmonies in our lives. Acknowledge the ways we’ve decided we can’t do anything to help the pain or suffering we see. Notice the myriad creative excuses we’ve given to live small and powerless – including this illness or disease!


Honestly ask yourself: what would you do, say, write, express or create if there were no risks? If you knew you would be accepted, loved and understood unconditionally? If you were fully healthy?


Living the answer to these questions requires us to reach bigger, wider, and deeper than the world will ever ask us to. When you’re ready, ask and prepare to receive. Then say YES to your life path! And watch as your body melts into healing, vitality and peace as you live the life you were always meant to live.

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