Most simply, soul embodiment means complete and total self-acceptance & self-love.

When we embody our souls, we expand and include.

This is in contrast to when we feed our egos, which causes us to contract, to divide, to exclude.

In soul embodiment there is no denial of any part of us, because there is nothing to deny. There is nothing to hide from or fear. We’ve all made mistakes. Our actions have hurt people. Sometimes, we’ve done this intentionally. Denying this behavior will only ensure its repetition. Only by seeing it honestly and atoning for it through forgiveness & compassion of ourselves and others can we limit such behavior in the future.

Equally, when we have embodied our own soul, there is no need to deny any other human being, walk of life, belief set, or life journey. Our own embodiment means that we can further our goal for oneness as human beings. What happens in our own heart informs the collective heart. What you learn to include about yourself you will find you are able to include from others. “This too, and this, and this,” is the motto of someone learning to embodying their soul—for the soul is afraid of nothing, can hold anything, can understand everything.

Soul embodiment means living in and from our wholeness, and truly inhabiting every single cell of our powerful body.

Every organ carries a message, every beat of our heart asks us to use that power wisely.

Soul embodiment means remembering and honoring our body’s power to heal and regenerate itself everyday. It means trusting in our intuition and innate knowledge. Embodiment means honoring our emotions as the incredible messengers that they are.

It means embracing all that makes us human, as well as all that reminds us of our divinity.

This includes our weaknesses, shadows, difficult emotions, painful pasts, misdeeds.

It also includes our strengths, gifts, perspective and quirks.

In our society, we have a tendency to take some things far too seriously, and other things, not seriously enough.

For instance, we take our job titles very seriously, as well as our image, the car we drive, the car other people drive, what other people think of us. We allow these trivial, transient things to take up residence in our mind where they place imaginary boundaries and barriers between ourselves and others.

Meanwhile, we don’t take seriously enough the cues from our body telling us when we need sleep, food, water, activity, companionship. We downplay or mock our emotional responses and our gut instinct about where and with whom to place our energy, time, and talents. We brush off as trivial the voice of our souls, the voice that remembers where we came from and why we chose to come here when we did.

And yet this information is exactly the information we need to live boldly, and out loud, and aligned with our soul’s reason for choosing this life. We need to remember Who We Are and we can only do that through soul embodiment.

But, soul embodiment is a process, not an event.

It is cultivated from within; it cannot be bestowed upon us, or demanded, or pretended.

Soul embodiment is a natural result of self-acceptance and self-love.

A result of dialoguing with and validating our emotions in mature and mindful ways.

A result of allowing ourselves to feel, completely, what there is to feel in the moment. 💞

It is a result of learning to view our lives as opportunities for growth rather than a quest for something to prove.

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