Why Soul Embodiment, and what does it mean?


soul embodiment


Why “Soul Embodiment?”🤷‍♀️ (And what does it mean?) To read more about my upcoming book, Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness, click here.

So many times over the dozen or so years of my intense yoga/spiritual journey, I was told that I needed to “get grounded.”

Eventually I expected to hear it, and then cringed when it happened. It seemed to me that my “ungroundedness” was the universally agreed upon condition from which I suffered, and no matter how many second (and third and fourth) opinions I got on my symptoms (anxiety, depression, lack of clarity), “grounding” was the prescription.

Some healers worked exclusively on my lower chakras, trying to get them “unstuck.” Some gave me mantras or yoga poses designed especially for grounding. One woman even had me stand up and stomp my feet on the floor repeatedly.

I don’t think any of them were wrong in that I was most certainly not IN my body. Rather, I lived in my head—consumed by thoughts, worries and belief systems that were, in many cases, not even mine, but downloaded from my lineage, my surroundings, and our collective society.

But through it all, some part of me strongly resisted the idea of “grounding.”

There was a part of me that knew that if I fully grounded myself in the Earth Realm, I would lose touch with my connection to the Soul Realm, the home of the part of myself that lives eternally outside of time and space and all the normal rules of society. I feared I would lose connectivity with the part of me that knew that this human life was something I chose as an adventure from which to grow and learn. I would lose touch with what made me ME.

Most of us can probably agree that the vast majority of human beings are profoundly disconnected from their soul. Perhaps this break is the societal diagnosis. Many people may likely be “grounded,” but in such a way that the Earth Realm reality has become the only reality. At this level of grounding, we forget that there is a higher purpose to our lives. We start to see life as a timeline where measuring accomplishments, accolades, and status is all that matters.

So I resisted. I would not lose my sense of magic, and mysticism, and “something more.” What I wanted more was a way to draw down my soul into my body and my life – or, EMBODY my soul.

In some ways, soul embodiment feels a lot like groundedness. I do feel more connected to the Earth Realm than I was during that time, and can find myself very caught up in what it is to be human being living a limited life span. But I also see my life as a story playing out across time and space, and my role in it is more “observer” than participant. Yes, there’s a part of me that is completely IN the story I’m living, and there’s a part of me who’s watching for the lessons—serenely, wisely, carefully. Soul IN body—and body in soul.

It was undergoing the process of soul embodiment that finally helped me attain the balance I needed to live in this world and yet maintain connection to the deeper worlds.

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