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Transformation and Lifestyle Consultations

Who are they for?

 Using the self-healing science of Ayurveda combined with Alchemy, the art of transformation, these consultations are about experiencing a radical, life-changing, courageous transformation. They are for:

  • people in the midst of transition and change, or perhaps smack dab in the middle of a meltdown.
  • Those who feel stuck—physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually— and want ways to break up the stagnancy.
  • People willing to do the honest self-reflection and deep work needed to give up what's comfortable in search of new horizons.
  • Those who know that our health and healing is not just for ourselves, but for everyone who loves us, and the world that needs us.

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Keri Mangis lm blue snake

What makes me different?

Most modern spiritual and self-help teachings encourage constant forward and upward movement (yang) such as building up, boosting, and growing, and thus miss the inherent value in the downward and inward side (yin): the unravelings, meltdowns, and the times when we completely fall apart.

Therefore, in addition to providing the inspiration and tools to grow, I encourage you to find space, the purpose, and the little bit of madness it takes to go into the dark waters.

Just as much as I love the milestones and the a-ha moments, I respect the unravelings, the undoings, and the crises for what they've come to teach.

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Keri Mangis lm blue snake

The Results

The Healing

In what ways can we reduce the imbalance in the body and mind? From a simple dietary change that will help reduce the imbalance or a shift in daily routine, there are lots of ways to approach healing. Our goal will be to find the method that most excites and interests you. Healing might involve such things as:

  • Reducing inflammation/irritation
  • Grounding and stabilizing erratic energy/scattered or anxious thoughts
  • Increasing the strength and efficacy of the digestion process
  • Exploring new ways to engage with powerful emotions
The Transformation

If you continue on, and you begin to experience healing, we will then move on to the transformation part of your journey! Guided by the wisdom of alchemy, we will not only seek to navigate change, but will look at ways to instigate it. This might involve such things as:

  • Exploring who you are beneath the labels, roles, and characteristics
  • Deepening into your reason/purpose for being here
  • Establishing rituals and initiations that create openings to new dimensions of energy or thought
  • Reinvigorating your curiosity and creativity on all levels of you being
  • Giving you the space you need to step into your own power

After each appointment, you will receive a Lifestyle Plan from Keri with suggestions and ideas (and perhaps even homework assignments) to help bring you into a healing mode.

Remember, the more honest you are about where you are, the more we can create a lifestyle plan that will address the imbalance and bring you to svastha, a Sanskrit word for your ideal health.

Keri Mangis lm blue snake

Booking options

  • Full Initial Consultation ($150)
    This consultation is an in-depth exploration of your original constitution (Prakruti) and an understanding of your imbalances (Vikruti). We will cover all the areas of life, including work, relationships, interests, spiritual support, and overall well-being.
    After the appointment, you will receive a comprehensive Report of Findings and Treatment Protocol based on our conversation. This will include any suggestions we discussed during our time and any additional ones that may be appropriate. Resources will be included so that you can begin the work of bringing your body, mind, and spirit back into balance.
    This session is a great way to create a healthy foundation. Continued follow-up appointments will allow us to build on that foundation and keep you moving through the life cycle of your personal transformation.
  • Follow-up Consultation ($99)

    For clients who have already had an Initial Consultation, these meetings will build on the foundation we've set and continue to guide you through the process of healing and transformation.

  • 30-Minute Introductory Session ($29)
    Want to get a feel of the work, without the time and money commitment? This is a 30-minute introductory call where we can explore what your goals are and answer any questions you may have.
    Just like with the full Transformation and Lifestyle Consultation, you'll get oriented to the world of Ayurveda, and get an understanding of what to expect from these sessions.

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"When Keri works with you, light just emanates from her whole being. You can truly feel it. She is a wonderful practitioner who really invests her time and energy into guiding you on your journey to wholeness and restoration.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Keri and would recommend her to anyone. Her down-to-earth approach, coupled with her knowledge and generosity is indispensable.

She really takes her time with you and her understanding of the Dosha types and their unique physiology and respective needs is amazing. I have some knowledge of Ayurveda myself, and Keri was entirely on-point. 

Please book a session with her. You won't regret it. You won't be disappointed. Give yourself the greatest gift you can give; work with this wonderful soul!"

Sarah Draper

"I had the most beautiful, healing session with Keri. She taught me all about Ayurveda and was full of knowledge when it comes to wellbeing, healing and the multifaceted nature of it all.
I would highly recommend seeing her if you're interested in gaining deeper insights and knowledge about your wellness as well as small life changes you can make to begin feeling better from within.
Not only was it an educational session but Keri's warmth and compassion shines through as well as her enthusiasm for life and passion for helping people. Thank you Keri!"
Read more about the insights Camille had following our session in an article she wrote entitled: "Life Doesn't Have to be Competitive."

Camille Grady

"Keri's extensive knowledge of Ayurveda is impressive. I learned a lot about my unique combination of the 3 doshas and how to care for and improve any imbalances. I am excited to try all of her suggestions. They are simple, easy to remember, and are good habits I can add to my daily routine.
I felt safe to open up and express some deep thoughts and experiences. I am grateful to Keri for being there to receive them with compassion.
Thank you, Keri, for a wonderful and in-depth consultation! I enjoyed it immensely and feel a new level of understanding about myself and my body. Having more tools in my tool belt feels powerful and like the perfect dose of self-care."


Elizabeth Gordon



Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations with over a 48 hour notice will be refunded in entirely. Within the 48 hour window, you will receive a 50% refund.

Rescheduling Policy

To reschedule, please email me or use the link in your booking confirmation.